Thursday, February 16, 2012

Dreary Day/Wonderful Day

It's been cloudy, drizzly, and rainy all day.
At least that's how it is on the outside.

Come on inside..... it's a different story all together!

It's been a great day to do laundry.
(don't you just love the smell of clean clothes,
still warm from the dryer?)
And a great day to do some research on my computer.
(I can sit with my feet propped up for that task!!)

It's a wonderful day to have Zoe and Aidan with me!
(that's the best part of all!)

I made a meatloaf which is now in the oven.
How's that for comfort food on a day like this?
Baked potatoes and a lettuce salad will taste good too.
After dinner we'll have some coffee
and call it a day.

Hope your day is wonderful too,
even if it's dreary on the outside.

=)  =)  =)  =)  =)  =)  =)  =)  =)  =)  =)  =)  =)  =)  =)  =)  =)  =)  =)


Barb said...

Love your post! Even though the weather is less than gorgeouse it doesn't need to ruin the day. Your dinner sounds good. I still make meat loaf quit often and still love it.

Anonymous said...

Hi Doris, We have a rainy, dark day also on the outside. Aidan and Zoe would brighten up any day; they are so precious. Meatloaf, potato and salad sound delicious to me. Enjoy your coffee and sleep well!

Musicaljean said...

Yes, that supper does indeed sound good. You just can't beat meat loaf and baked potatoes. I made rice and beans with Sazon chicken. That's pretty hard to beat too.

Theresa said...

Sounds like a perfect day to me:) I can almost smell that meatloaf cooking... YUMMY! Have a blessed day my friend, I am headed out shortly for a field trip:) HUGS!

Kimberly Aleong said...

Well I would have to disagree on meatloaf part of dinner, can't say that is my comfort food. Could say that meatloaf had made my dinner very uncomfortable as a kid!! Still to this day can't even stand the smell!! Kim

Doris said...

Kim, you are so funny! Seems to be a hit with the rest of the family......except maybe Zoe. She only ate the ketchup and would not taste the meatloaf =)

Mary Ellen said...

I love your meatloaf Doris. Your post is so interesting.