Monday, January 16, 2012


It feels good to write that word! Dale had off from work on Friday (slow season in the construction world). He, however, did not have a day off at home! The kitchen project is showing some progress.

Wall color - Canvas

The cabinets will be painted
Grizzly Bear Brown -
Benjamen Moore
You can see a sample of that color at the very end next to the wall.
The floors in the family/dining room and the kitchen
will be replaced with laminate flooring.

Guess we really do have a country kitchen....
those hooks have always been there!
Mom's sweater was always handy as were Dad's caps and jacket!

Look behind Aidan.....
(to the left, please, to the right is just too messy!)

That's what the kitchen was.
I have few photos of my kitchen.
My Mother chose this wallpaper early 1980.
She loved it.
 Bless her heart, she only lived for two and a half
more years after it was up.

I have lived here since December 1982.
I was not in love with the wallpaper but lived with it.
Last year I decided I was finished living with it.
We made plans to take it down and paint.
Life happened.
We are moving this year.
That wallpaper really, really needed to go!

God Bless the family who will live with this newly painted kitchen.
We aren't sure who it will be,
but we do hope they will like it,
maybe even love it =)


Maple Lane said...

The kitchen looks beautiful, Doris. Love the 2 colors you have chosen. We did much the same to our "last" house before we put it on the market. Thankfully, those changes were instrumental in selling it. I am praying for you guys as you seek God's will for a new home and I hope someone very deserving "finds" your present home and appreciates the hard work.

Kara (Shaffer) Good said...

You're moving too! Guess the neighborhood couldn't stay the same forever... I wish I could buy your house, I always did like it! :)

Doris said...

Yes, Kara, we will be moving too. Your comment is so sweet! Be sure to come by when we get it listed. It will be a while, though, till we get to that point!

Musicaljean said...

I LOVE it!!! Love it, love it, love it!!!

Theresa said...

Beautiful paint color, wall and cabinet:) I can't wait to see the finished product! Someone is gonna love the newly remodeled home! Have a blessed day dear friend, HUGS!

Anonymous said...

It is very pretty joanne

marcy said...

Looks great! Love the colors.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Hi Doris, I stopped in from Mildred's Maple Street blog aft reading her recent post about the 1yr anniversary in her current home. We live in a 1920s Victorian home on the VA eastern shore which we also plan to sell this year (hopefully). Our plans are to relocate to single-floor and smaller living and closer to grandkids. Good luck with your plans as well. Please feel free to drop into our place for a visit anytime.

Musicaljean said...

I wish I could borrow one of your walls and bring it home to see if that color would look okay here. I just love it. Did I say that before?

Barb said...

The kitchen looks great! It's amazing what a little paint can do!


It is a sweet thought to pray for the new family as you prepare your home to be sold. Progress, indeed.


Mary Ellen said...

The kitchen is looking great! You are blessed to have a husband who can do the repairs and upgrades.