Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Normal, Routine (sorta)

My days since Christmas have been blah, routine (sorta), nothing much happening worth writing about. 
  • I keep Aidan and Zoe my usual days of the week. That is always special, never boring!
  • I stay with the elderly couple my usual days of the week.
  • I do the laundry. Amazing how it piles up, never seems like a job completed!
  • I wash the dishes. Amazing how the dishes never stay clean either!
  • I cook. Guess that's why we have dirty dishes =) Today I made a yummy potato soup for dinner.
  • try to keep going through more of our stuff in preparation for our move. The more I do, the more there seems to be waiting......will I ever get finished??
  • I spend time seeking the Lord daily because......
  • Staying connected to the Vine seems vital just now. I'm hanging on for dear life because....
  • All the uncertainty, all the hoops we need to jump through in finding a home, in selling 2 homes, in order to get to our goal threatens to unnerve me. I am a gal who likes stability...a whole lot.
  • Now don't go and think this is one pulled together gal because I said I spend time seeking the Lord. I confess to really struggling some days.
  • I do a whole lot of praying as I go about my day. I don't only pray about our move, I remember a lot of you too!
May the Lord Bless you and Keep you!


Anonymous said...

Keeping you in our prayers, Doris. May God bless each of you as you seek His will for a new home.

Musicaljean said...

How VERY WELL I know what you're talking about, Doris. I wish there were some easy way to go through the hoops of life, but there just isn't. I will pray more for you, I really will.

Barb said...

I enjoyed the sweet Zoe pictures!! My prayers continue to be with all of you.I know all the "impossible" pieces will fall together in the Lord's timing. The waiting and uncertainty is not fun!
I look forward to seeing pictures of your kitchen!