Saturday, December 31, 2011

Renovation Project and a Great Show

We are in the process of a kitchen renovation project. We are updating the look through the use of paint....cabinets and appliances are staying. This was something we had anticipated doing a year ago. Now that our house will be sold in the approaching year, we needed to get the process moving along. Hubs had some days off so moving along, we are! Look what he found under the 70's wallpaper.....

This list is the Witmer children
along with their birth dates

Our parents names.
I guess we must have done the last kitchen reno in 1980
(my parents bought this home in the 60's)

My sister Jeanie had 3 children in 1980

We were a family of 4!

Lovely, isn't it ;o)

Dirt and dust everywhere.
Hubs is sanding again this morning.
Hopefully we will soon be ready for primer.
Everything will be painted.
Last evening Ellen and I,
 along with my sister Mary Ellen
and my cousin,
went to American Music Theater
to see their Christmas show.
It was fantastic!
Their shows always are.
Two of my favorite performances were
Mary did you Know....
 by Wess Cooke (he's fantastic no matter what he sings)
O Holy Night....
by one of the ladies.
Talk about chills!
There was some comedy,
a bunch of Santa's,
Beautiful costumes,
 a fantastic band....
sets that were breath takingly beautiful.

Ellen and Mary Ellen

Beautiful decorations

After the show we headed across the street
to Cracker Barrel.
What a great evening!

American Music Theater
Photo taken from the parking lot of
Cracker Barrel.
Love, love, love the blue trees!

This morning I'm taking down the Christmas tree. Feels way too soon. But with the kitchen torn up, I need the space! Plus, dust seeps into this room which is collecting all over the tree and all the ornaments on it. Uggg! Oh well, I think the worst will soon be history.

Ellen and I go see Hairspray today. Two shows in as many days. That's a first!

We are going to stay in tonight. TV will be our entertainment. Ellen has two new movies too. Maybe we will watch one of them.

Happy New Year! 


Maple Lane said...

I love the pictures you have shared of your night out. Sounds like a great time.

You guys are making good progress on the kitchen.

We are in for the evening also. It got up to 76 today!

Thank you for your blog friendship and I wish you and your family so many blessings in the new year.

Joanne said...

Yes it was an awsome and wonderful show and I had goose bumbs when He sang Mary did you know. I was think of you today knowing that you were going to see Hairspray. Im now going to start taking pictures of my house now thats things are strting to move in the right direction. Thats interesting of the birthdates behind the wall paper.

Theresa said...

Happy New Year to you dear friend! WOW, you all have been BUSY:) Can't wait to see the new kitchen! What a fun way to spend the last few days of 2011! Having fun with Ellen and your Sister! Have a blessed day and a Happy 2012!

Musicaljean said...

I'm so glad you took those pictures of the things we wrote on the walls!!! I love it! I guess that's where I got the idea to do that when we painted and papered our houses.

How awesome to go to those shows! I'm sure they were both excellent.