Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas 2011

Let the fun begin!
Thanks to my sister Mary Ellen,
we found this fireplace scene on TV
which added a festive touch.

Ellen loves her sweater dress and
movie from Greta

Greta loves the
hand mixer from Ellen!

Greta also loves this computer case
from Mom and Dad.
We later discovered a hot pink lining in it - cool!

How neat are these glasses
from Greta!

A mug of candy and
a gift card from his favorite hardware store,
from Greta

No need to put a name on this gift.
Greta knew that circles on the storage cube
meant it was hers!
There was a gift inside it....
Rachel Ray bowl set!

Ellen had no idea what she was in for......

Layers of paper...

Layers and layers of paper
and several boxes too =)

Yes, the gift!
A yellow (fav color) wallet and a note....
Tickets to see Hairspray at Fulton Opera House
on Saturday with Mom!

Our room was full with hungry peoples!

I was waiting for Ellen to take her fork out of her mouth
only to realize that Scott was posing with his fork and a
HUGE piece of chicken!!

Remember the Santa Snuggie from last year?
He added a hat this year!

Aidan and Paityn were sooooo
excited to give the
gifts they chose for each other.

Oh boy, Andrew is in for some work.
Christy had his name and wrapped his gift
completely in packing tape over wrapping paper!!

Aidan was sure his Spider Man mask
would help Andrew be stronger and
get the job done...

Yeah, it's working!!

Zoe discovers a treat.....

Who, me???

Nancy and Grandma enjoy some Brinley time.

After gift giving and dessert
it was time for
Now you Have it, Now you Don't.
Even Aidan and Paityn joined in the fun.
They loved stealing gifts from others =)
After everyone had all their numbers called,
it was time to see what we got.....

Christy discovered footed PJ's in her gift!!
We all laughed so hard we hurt!

How do I look?

Then Kim discovered the same in hers!
We  laughed so hard we hurt again!

I don't have pictures of my gift.
I chose it because it said
Merry Christmas on it.
(thought that was so nice)
Beyond the pretty paper
was layer
and layer
of newspaper
with duct tape over it creating a design.
Layers and layers....
Aidan thought I needed the Spidey mask =)
At last, I found a gift....
A Pin the Nose on the Reindeer game!!!!

We ended the day by watching Aidan's new Veggie Tale movie.

What a great day.
Family time - priceless!


Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing these wonderful photos! Looks like everyone had a great time and lots of good food. I love those purple bowls and the hand mixer. I know you and Ellen will have so much fun at the show.

Happy New Year to you all!

Theresa said...

Oh what fun! I loved seeing all of you enjoying yourselves! The gift-giving looks like loads of laughs! Sweetest gift for Ellen, I know you all are going to have so much fun! Have a blessed evening my friend, HUGS!

marcy said...

Great pictures! So glad you and Ellen get to go see Hairspray. Wish Dad a Happy Birthday from all of us!

Musicaljean said...

Yes! Happy Birthday to Dale and Happy Anniversary to you two! Loved all these pics! This must be the year of the footed sleepers. I got one for Destiny too and we can hardly get her out of it!

Renee said...

Hey, Doris, I took Molly and Hannah to see Hairspray about a month ago and we LOVED it! I'm sure you and Ellen will, too. :)