Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Almost there.....

Just a gift card or two to purchase, a gift or two to wrap and I'm done.

Cleaning, food to purchase, food to prepare, cookies to be baked. Oh my, I guess the busy will continue for a while longer!

Here's an interesting fact......we always eat on Christmas Day around 3:30. Christmas is on a Sunday. Sunday is a football day even though it's also Christmas Day. AND, the game of interest, Eagles vs Cowboys starts soon after 4! Should be an interesting Christmas Dinner. The football fans already picked the best viewing spots at the table. I have been warned that mashed potatoes may fly a-muck and cranberry salad may hit the ceiling as excitement during the game builds =)

Have a great day, my friends!
* oops, Marcy said we had it wrong (shows how much I know!!) .....the game is on SATURDAY!


marcy said...

We were wrong...the game is actually on Saturday so our Christmas dinner will be saved. Although the drama of football and christmas dinner would have been interesting :). We still have Christmas gifts to buy and haven't started wrapping yet.

Anonymous said...

Mashed potatoes, cranberries and football!!! Enjoy it all! Merry Christmas dear friend.

Theresa said...

The weekend will be a bit different with Christmas Eve and Christmas Day this year! We always have our HUGE Family gathering on Christmas Eve and the small one on Christmas morning with the Grandkids at Tracy's! So much fun, can't wait!

Enjoy your week and isn't it a great feeling to be done? YEP! HUGS!