Monday, November 14, 2011

Week-End Past

What a busy one again!

Friday Evening -

Ellen had an Aaron's Acres activity at Park City. I took her to meet her Buddy, Megan, the same gal as last year, then I went to Arby's for a sandwich, to TJ Maxx and Joanne's, then back to the Food Court to wait for Ellen again. I should have done some real shopping but I was just too tired to do any. Was hoping to find some Christmas gifts at TJ Maxx but found nothing! Ellen had a great time with her group eating and doing a scavenger hunt. From there I took her to the High School football game where she met her Dad. The boys played hard but lost it in triple overtime. No more games for this year....a sad thing for Ellen!

Saturday -

Saturday evening provided dinner and a show for Hubs and me. Dale's boss took us and another employee and his girlfriend to Hershey Farms for dinner. It was a first time for any of us to have eaten  there. They have a nice buffet or menu dining. The food is PA. Dutch.....everything one has ever eaten at Grandma's house, if you live in Lancaster Co. PA. We all had more than enough to eat! From there we drove next door to the massive, elegant Sight and Sound Millennium Theater. Wow, what a place! We saw the Christmas show....the story of Jesus coming to earth, born as a baby to Mary and Joseph in a stable. There were live donkeys, horses and camels in the show. It was wonderful! What a nice way to once again bring into focus the REAL reason for the season!

Sunday -

I had the privilege of singing with the worship team at church. We had a different service on Sunday. After worship many people went forward to be prayed for. Ministry was happening as others went forward to pray and lay hands on those who needed prayer. Sunday church is not always singing, taking the offering and hearing a sermon! I love my church!

Then it was home to prepare a meal for the kids and grands who were hungry and needed fed! Baby Brinley was coming to Nana and Pop Pop's for the first time. I sent out an email on Saturday inviting the kids to come and to let them know that Brinley would be here....AND that I was going to be the first one to hold her! We have a lot of family that want her so I thought I had better state my case ;)

Dale grilled hot dogs and hamburgers. I made a salad, Christy cut up veggies, Greta and Lynn brought cookies and soda, Marcy and Scott brought yummy salsa and chips from Chili's. I also made a pan of Pumpkin Dump cake....yummy!

Later in the afternoon my step Mother Mary and my sister Mary Ellen came to see Brinley. Everyone seems to be more than crazy over this tiny little girl!

The Smith's
Paityn, Marcy (my daughter), Brinley and Scott

Nana loves Brinley Hope!

Have a wonderful Monday and a productive week!


Anonymous said...

What busy and full days you have! What a blessing your church service was Sunday! A great family photo and I especially love you and Brinley - she is so petite and so relaxed! Just precious.

Theresa said...

Brinley is SOOOOOOOOO precious! I could just hold her forever:) What a beautiful family!!!! Sounds like you all had a busy, yet wonderful weekend! Have a blessed week dear Doris, HUGS

Musicaljean said...

What a beautiful family picture of the Smiths! Brinley is so precious!


Oh my, that baby is adorable, just like your other grandchildren. wow.

I still want to send you the card. Can you try e.mailing me again. My contact info is on my blog and the (dot) and the (at) are spelled out to stop hackers. Write them as . and @ when you e.mail Have I confused you even more?