Monday, November 21, 2011

Mountain Week-end

We spent the week-end in a mountain cabin. It's really too nice to call a cabin, it's like a nice home!

These pictures were taken last year.
The memory card in my camera was
 mistakenly left at home this year =)

We left Friday evening after Corey came to pick up the kids. First we needed to fill the car up with gas then to Burger King to fill our stomachs and to get coffee.We decided we could get food for Ellen and coffee for us because Burger King sells Seattle's Best coffee and we thought that would be ok. I ordered 2 cups of coffee. As I was waiting for our order, the young man said they only had enough coffee for 1 cup. What?? They don't have more to brew?? I never heard of such a thing. So I got some iced tea....but I really wanted coffee. I took a sip of the one we got and left it up to Hubs whether or not he wanted it. It tasted old. He drank it anyway! I would have given it back. A Starbucks was not on our route so we just headed on our way.

Less than a half hour later the 'low coolant' light came on in the car. That never happened before. We pulled over at the next exit. Hubs couldn't see a leak so we headed towards a town in hopes of finding a store that sells water. We finally came to a Giant grocery store. I went in to find a gallon of water. The store was huge! I went almost to the one end, didn't find water, went to the other end, didn't find water. So I went back to the other end again. I had been about 2 aisles short of where it was the first trek! Wouldn't you know.

Hubs filled whatever he needed to put the water in and we were on our way again. The light never came on so I guess he knew what he was doing! We arrived at the cabin just before 9p. Everyone else had been there for hours....we are the late arrivers, always!

What a fun time we had. Last year I had a bad cold and wasn't feeling well at all. My games of Domino's were terrible too. Now this year, I felt much better and my game was too! (I won't brag...probably was just luck) I had my Kindle with me too. I read and read. I didn't sleep much. I never do when away from home.

We ate too much. Laughed a lot too. Ellen was with us and she had a wonderful time. She went on many walks. The weather was beautiful.

After a time of sharing and prayer on Sunday and a lunch of leftovers and pizza, it was time to pack it all up, clean the cabin and head for home again.

Home Sweet Home....dirty laundry, stuff to put away! Oh well, I will plug away at it till it's all clean and put back where it belongs.

Counting down the days till Thanksgiving and Gina will be coming home for a few days!!! 

Just in case my week does not allow for blogging.....

I wish you a Happy Thanksgiving!


Anonymous said...

I'm happy to hear you guys had a nice time. Glad the weather was nice enough for Ellen to walk, too. Don't work too hard and I wish you all a very blessed Thanksgiving.

Theresa said...

Sounds like a wonderful time! I am happy that you felt better this year:) I am busy around the house too!! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your beautiful family!!! Hugs!

Musicaljean said...

I haven't played Dominoes in ages. That would be fun. We should do that with Mary sometime.

Glad you had a fun weekend.

Karen said...

Thank you and happy Thanksgiving to all of you.