Monday, September 19, 2011


It's quiet around here again.........and empty. Saturday morning I took Ellen to her cheering at the Challenger Football game. Corey, Christy and the kids were just getting up. When we returned home around 1p the  house was empty! They had packed up the kids, their stuff and the dog and went home to their home.

Now, don't get me wrong. I am happy for them to be back in their home. It's been more than a week since they have been there. But, I miss them!!

Christy said on the way home that Aidan said he wanted to sleep at Nana's again! Sweet boy!

Our family gathered here for lunch and dinner yesterday. That's a good thing! It's been a few weeks since we have done that. Paityn really misses it when we don't get together.

Aidan and Zoe will be my company to go get them really soon. Quiet no more =)

Have a wonderful Monday!


From the Kitchen said...

Just catching up and envying you those adorable grandchildren!! Will be most anxious to hear about your home selling and "Walton"-forming household!!


Theresa said...

I know you enjoy having them ALL there but I bet Aiden and Zoe will liven up the place again:) Enjoy your day dear Doris! Hope your day is extra special JUST like you! HUGS!

Maple Lane said...

Happy Monday. Hop you are having a good day - enjoy the cooler temps!

Musicaljean said...

It's really quiet here too. But I'm enjoying it today. I got my cup filled up this weekend!