Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Our Tuesday with Aidan and Zoe

We are getting ready for a beach vacation with the family. I have much to do.....the understatement of the year!! So, yesterday morning I made a few stops to pick up needed items. I also needed a few things at the mall. I called Christy to see if I could meet her at the mall instead of bringing the kids directly to my house. Aidan was so thrilled to be going to and into the Mall House! (He calls every place a House.....Church House, Grocery House, Doctor House! We had time for a pretzel and drink before Mommy needed to report for work. Aidan and Zoe were so thrilled to see their other Grandparents at the mall too!

We did some shopping, I had Christy straighten my glasses, then it was time to leave. Aidan wanted some ice cream and a ride on the ice cream truck like the last time we were there. I said no for this time, because we can't do it every time. What a disappointed little fellow!
*** Contrary to popular belief.....I can say no when need be to my Grands ;o)

Back to Nana's house where she did say yes to snacks!

After dinner we went outside for some fun!

Zoe played in the dirt

Aidan watered the flowers

He was having a good old time!

So was putting dirt in your mouth, young lady!!

Aidan goes to the back porch for more water.....

Zoe saw him go through the gate ...
(still not walking)

How do I get this thing open??

Nana won't let me go out the gate!

Aidan finds more flowers to water......

Since Nana said  "No" to going through the gate,
Zoe went to the porch
to her favorite green chair....
spied the phone
and decided to call someone to get her mind off her troubles!

"Santa Clause, is that you....
is it too soon to tell you what I want for Christmas?"

I do so love these children! What a joy to spend time with them.


Theresa said...

What a fun day! I say no when I need to also:) One of my granddaughters told me one day that "Grandmother NEVER tells them NO":) She doesn't see then very often so that is probably true! Sweet pictures, beautiful flowers and gorgeous Grandchildren!

Have a blessed day my friend, HUGS!

Anonymous said...

Such precious photos. What a blessing to enjoy time with these little ones! I'm taking a bit of a blog break but I'll still be checking in with you. God bless you and your family Doris!

Barb said...

Those two are just too cute!! And your flowers are beautiful!! I'm envious.