Monday, August 29, 2011

Oh what a week-end!

Saturday - Ellen's 17th birthday!
Ellen had her cheering activity Saturday morning. I was away all day Friday and had so much to do to prepare for her birthday on Saturday. So Hubs took Ellen to cheering and I stayed home to clean and decorate.

Looks like it's someone is having a Birthday!

Ellen came home and wanted to open her gift right away!

A new back pack!

She loves to write in composition books
and gets a new one....
fancy cover =)

I told her to look in the outside pocket of her backpack....
she found money =)
$17, of course!

We soon left to pick up 2 of her friends and headed to the Elizabethtown Fare.

Ellen, Brittany and Ashley
We all had a milkshake.
Hubs, Ashley and I shared a fried onion....YUM!!
There wasn't much to do or look at and Irene was looming
so we didn't stay long.
Next we headed to Lancaster to Carvel where Ellen picked out an Ice Cream Cake.

17 candles, a happy 17 year old
and 2 good friends!

Happy Birthday to you, Ellen!

Relaxing while watching a movie....
High School Musical 3

Ashley and Ellen love to dance
and dance they did
for the final song of the movie

It was so much fun to watch them!

This fella brought some cheers =)

All smiles!
We are on our way to American Music Theatre
to see....
(yes, it's raining! Irene is showing up!)

Dance Explosion!

What an AWESOME show!
The girls really enjoyed it.
Ellen and Ashley clapped and cheered and did some (seated!) dance moves too!
After it was over, the people sitting behind us said they enjoyed watching the girls enjoying themselves =)
They thought maybe we knew someone in the, we just have an excited teen with excited friends!

When we left AMT, it was raining harder and the wind was picking up too.
When we arrived at our home, Ellen found more gifts!

Cute PJ's and

A Phillies Phanatic pillow pet
from Greta!

Sunday -  A blustery beginning!
We awoke to blinking clocks which meant the power must have blinked off sometime during the night. But we did have electricity and that was good! Some small branches were down and lots of leaves and twigs littered the lawn. All was well here. (we found out later that trees were down at several locations near us) Dale made coffee, we sat down to enjoy it. He just turned on the news and I picked up my computer to check out email and such.....the TV went fuzzy and the Internet was down too! What??? OK....we could live without our connections, I think. When the lights blinked off again, I decided I had better get my shower just in case the power goes off . I was just finished getting ready for church when we received the call that our church was canceled due to no power! We relaxed at home. I made pancakes and bacon, I read a book on my Kindle, we napped. We had a birthday party to attend in the afternoon at Dale's sister and Mother's home. Dale's other sister (Norma) and her hubby (Stan) both turned 60 this summer and their kids were hosting a party for them. When we arrived to the party, a generator was running outside the garage of Nancy's power in their neighborhood! They have a big generator that covers the entire house so all was good. They didn't run any air conditioners but it was cooler and wasn't necessary. We had a good time visiting with family and some of Norma and Stan's friends that we don't see very often.  When we arrived home, our Internet and cable was working again!

Monday - First day of school for Ellen!
So now it's Monday and a new week begins. Ellen woke up at 6. I didn't wake up till about 6:20. Good grief, I was glad she was already up and dressed! Maybe I will need to set an alarm. (haven't done that in years....not even while I was employed) We got her on the bus. I pray she is having a good day. She was really nervous about it.

I don't have my Littles today. Christy is keeping them with her at home. That will be good for the children and Mommy. Christy continues to slowly improve. Not overdoing it is key to improvement....a hard reality for a Mom!

And now I must get something accomplished! I did start a load of towels in the washer. But there are dishes to wash, coupons to clip, stuff to be put away.......lots to do. Just cannot believe that summer is over and school is back in session!

Have a wonderful Monday!


From the Kitchen said...

I'd say you sweet sixteen had a perfect introduction to seventeen!! How nice that Irene didn't spoil her day. We spent the weekend worrying about our son and DIL in Massachusetts. Thank goodness they were o.k.. Don't know about them getting to work today. Still waiting to hear. We enjoyed a sunny and cool weekend and felt a little guilty!!


Theresa said...

Well now Miss Ellen had herself a wonderful Birthday! ALL smiles and happy faces hanging out with her friends!

I am happy that you didn't get damage at your home from Irene! It was bad in some places and not so bad in others!

Enjoy your day my friend, I have lots on my "to do" list too:)


marcy said...

Looks like Ellen had a great birthday and I hope she had a good first day of school too.

Also, every time Paityn sees your blog up on the computer she wants to scroll down and look at all the pictures.

Anonymous said...

Nice to see the happy and fun photos of Ellen and her friends enjoying her birthday. Sounds like a great time and the cake looks delicious.
Thankful that you had no major damage from Irene.
Don't work too hard and I'll be anxious to hear about Ellen's day at school.
M. Lane

Musicaljean said...

What good memories Ellen will have from this birthday!