Thursday, July 7, 2011

A Post About Nothing!

That's right...nothing!
Because 'not a thing' is happening here.
At least nothing exciting.
Just thought I should let you all know I'm still kicking.

On the agenda today....
Wash dishes
Sweep floors
Grocery Store
 (need milk)
(need bananas)
[let's face it, I will have a cart full of stuff til I get out of there!]
**I'll use a small cart  =)
(on book 7 of Yada Yada Prayer Group series)
Pick up foot orthotics for Ellen

It's gonna be a good good day!


Theresa said...

Sounds like a good day to me! Sometimes when nothing is happening are the best of days! I pray that you will enjoy it to the MAX:) Big hugs!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hope you have enjoyed your day. I hope Ellen can tolerate the foot orthotics. We've been on the road to the Dr. which is always tiring. Hope you rest very well tonight.

Musicaljean said...

When you're done with that series start the House of Hope series and the companion Harry Bentley series, written by Neda's husband Dave. I've read them all and am waiting for Neta's new series to start. I always feel so disappointed when I finish a book, because I have to wait several months for her to get the next one written. Best books EVER, in my opinion.