Monday, July 11, 2011

Busy week ahead!

Ellen has camp this week and next. It's her first time to ever attend a camp. She was nervous.

Earlier this year we asked for funding to send Ellen to Aaron's Acres camp for special needs kids. We had never asked for funding before. But since I'm not working......yeah. We were so delighted to be approved for both the morning and afternoon sessions. It's not a small hunk of change. We are humbled by the blessing. Yes, indeed!

Well this morning I got her items of clothing, swim suit, towel, sun screen labeled/packed and a bag lunch. Off we went. We weren't too far down the road when she said we forgot something.....her morning meds! Good grief! Back home again! (will do better tomorrow)

She met her buddy and a group leader. She knows some of the kids in her group so all was good. I went to a parents meeting. After the meeting 2 other mothers (also first timers) and I sat and chatted. One has a daughter with Downs and the other one has an Autistic son. Both ladies are Christians. We shared our stories and our struggles with each other. What a precious time!

I was going to go home but decided to spend some time at the mall till it was time to pick her up again at 3. I treated myself to a turkey Subway sandwich and an Iced Tea. Nice! Purchased some foundation at Sephora....realized they gave me Medium Tan instead of Medium Beige. Oops, will need to return it! Tried on a cute pair of Crocs flip flops. Soooo cute, red with gray soles, new style and as comfortable as all get out. Didn't buy them =(  Maybe another time.

I got to the camp a little early and read through the papers again that I got in the morning. I could see Ellen playing a game and she was having fun! The afternoon is spent learning some dance moves, swimming and games. There are only 12 kids in the afternoon. The morning is much bigger with kids in many different groups. She had a wonderful time!

So, if you don't hear from me much this week, it's because I am very busy going to and fro, from Manheim to Lancaster and back again, twice daily!!

 It will all be good.

It will all be wonderful for a girl named Ellen!


Theresa said...

That sweet post made me smile! I am so happy that Ellen is getting to go to camp! She will REALLY enjoy it! You enjoy your time doing just Doris stuff too!

Hugs and if I don't hear from you, I will know you are busy, busy, busy:)

Anonymous said...

What a pretty smile Ellen has today! I know she had a wonderful time and I'm sure it was nice for you to spend time in fellowship with the other Christian moms and to shop a little. BTW, I love Subway's tea!
Wishing both of you a very fun week. Take care.

Musicaljean said...

I love Aaron's Acres!! It's just AWESOME that Ellen has the opportunity for such a wonderful experience.

From the Kitchen said...

Wishing Ellen a great camp experience. From the look of her smile, I think she's already having a great time.


Karen said...

What a great opportunity for Ellen! Hope she has an AWESOME week! (I am Mildred's sis)