Monday, May 9, 2011


Our Sunday started with an early to church because I was helping to sing. We always do a short practice and a sound check before the service. After church we headed to Hubby's Mother and sister Nancy's home for a belated Easter dinner even though it was Mother's Day. It hadn't suited anytime earlier.

Zoe enjoys her lunch.....
she loves to eat!

We eat in the basement at long tables.
The food is on 3 tables....
a hot food table, a salad table and a dessert table!

Aidan and Paityn find some toys to play with
 after they finished with lunch.

After the food was put away and the dishes washed, most of us went outdoors. It was a beautiful day!

Pop Pop relaxed on the swing with Zoe

The kids enjoy an Easter Egg hunt....
Paityn is taking the candy out of the eggs to take home with her.

Looks like a whole lot of fun happening here!

This little fella is Jason,
the son of my Niece Diane.
Later in the evening Jason brought a stack of books for me to read to him.
I loved every moment of it.....
such a sweet kid!
( SIL Scott in the background)

Look at that sky!
The sun felt great. But when it was behind those fluffy white clouds for too long,
some of us thought it got a bit chilly.

These children love the swing just as their parents did.

Cousins enjoying a wild game of Dutch Blitz

It was so much fun to watch them having so much fun!

The Fahnestock family is large. There were times when the noise may have seemed chaotic.....children playing loudly, children disagreeing, children crying because they got a bump or were too tired  Adults talking and laughing in several groups, adults playing games inside and out, sleeping [snoring] adults...... but I believe it was all sweet music to Hubby's 90 year old Mother. Family is awesome!


Theresa said...

Oh dear Doris, what a fun day! I can close my eyes and think that it is my family:) Love family time, love my family and I can tell you do also! Have a blessed day my friends! HUGS!


Big families and all those generations together . . . love it.


Musicaljean said...

What a wonderful place for a big family to get together.

Definitely good noise!