Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Georgia: Part 2

We had a wonderful trip to Georgia even if it was too short.

Dale, Greta and I left before 6:30 on Friday morning. Dale's sister was kind enough to come stay with Ellen till she left for school that morning so we could get an earlier start. Our trip was mostly uneventful. We only made stops to fill the car with gas and short rest stops. I had packed some sandwiches and snacks. We went through nearly a pound of gummy bears on the way there =)

We arrived at our hotel, Sleep Inn in Hiram, GA around 7:30 Friday evening....were so happy to be there! Checked in then headed to Texas Roadhouse just down the street from the hotel. Food was awesome!

Saturday morning my sister Mary Ellen joined us on a short walk to a Ross store just across the street from the hotel. My dear hubby went too...he's not a shopper but wasn't it nice of him? From there we decided we would get a bite to eat. We needed to soon get ourselves ready for the wedding.

We (Dale, Greta and I) had never been to a Chick-fil-a. There was one near our Hotel, actually there was anything and everything from fast food to a Hooters near the Hotel!! LOVED Chick-fil-a! Greta and I shared a wrap and fruit. The Manager wanted us be sure to try their signature chicken sandwich and gave us one for free! The gal that took our order was sooo sweet. When she said "Yes, Mam" in her sweet tone and southern accent, it just made me melt =)

Back to the Hotel to get ourselves all dressed up for the wedding. Then to Midway Presbyterian Church in Powder Springs. Beautiful church! Greta thought maybe we could move her wedding to Georgia!

Picture taking first, then the wedding. It was a beautiful service, beautiful Bride and Groom, beautiful attendants, beautiful flowers, beautiful music.......just what any parent wants for their children!

Enjoy a few more pictures....

The Church

Simple, Elegant!

The part of the church where Katie was married,
the newest addition.

The original church....
pre-civil war (I think that's correct)

Second addition.
Look at that blue sky!


My sister Betty and her family...
Scott, Isaiah, Merida
from New Hampshire

My hubby Dale, me, daughter Greta

The Wicherman's
 and the Witmer family who were able to attend

Roses' daughters, Julia and Christy
and a Wichterman cousin

More cousins!
Daughter of Rose, Olivia, in the middle
with two Wichterman cousins

Wichterman Family

Wichterman Siblings
Bill from DC
Bob married to my sister Rose
Sue from Orlando

More pictures from the reception to come!

I have lots of things waiting to be put away, laundry waiting to be washed and food to be purchased! Oh the joys of coming home again......but it is good to be home!


Theresa said...

Oh my goodness, what a beautiful wedding! Love seeing all of the family joined together:) Hope you get all of your work done, I am busy too! Have a blessed day, HUGS!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the great pictures!I am enjoying seeing them all!

Barb said...

I'm just loving all the pictures! Thanks for sharing them with us.