Monday, May 2, 2011

Challenger Baseball

It was a whirlwind Sunday!

It started with attending church. Aidan wanted to be held during worship and he fell asleep on my lap. So sweet!

We had to leave right after church ended because we had a game to get to. It was a good first game. The weather was OK...kinda chilly but no rain. Enjoy some pictures of the Opening Ceremonies and the game...

Teams gathering for the Opening Ceremonies

Ellen's team
the White Sox

Ellen up to bat!

It connected and she's off to first base.

The Three Amigos...
Elizabeth, Nicole, Ellen

Waiting for pictures....
Ellen wanted it to be over so she could get her free hot dog!!

Say Cheese!

Team set up....
get into your places, fix your hat, look at the camera
and would those who are standing, please place your hands behind your back

Great shot, Team!

Challenger Baseball provides  these special kids a chance to play the great game, experience being a team and have a whole lot of fun. No score is kept, everyone gets a chance to bat in each of the 3 innings. They all are encouraged to do the best they can no matter what their challenges may be.

After the game we headed home for about a half hour then it was off to a cook out with friends from church. But it started to rain and it was getting really chilly. Instead of eating outside, Sue opened up her long table and we ate dogs and hamburgers with all the fixings, baked beans,chips and for dessert.....brownies, soft vanilla ice cream and lots of toppings. It was wonderful.... both the food and the fellowship!

So now it's Monday. There is some extra cleaning I would like to get done this week. I host the ladies ministry here on Wednesday evening, keep the children 2 times and have much to do to prepare for our upcoming trip to Georgia for the wedding of my niece.

Have a great day! It's a new week..... a new chance to be blessed and to be a blessing =)


Anonymous said...

Wonderful to see the team spirit! Hot dogs and hamburgers sound delicious to me!
Don't work to hard. When is the GA wedding?

Theresa said...

GO Ellen! What a sweet picture of all of the team and Ellen posing with her bat! I know you enjoy watching her and cheering her on!

Sounds like you had a great cookout even with the rain! Hey, it's all about the hotdog:)

Have a blessed day my friend, HUGS!

Anonymous said...

you forgot to say that me and joe arreare comeing on sat.

Musicaljean said...

I just LOVE that Ellen gets to be on a ball team like that.

I'm so glad we have something special the day of Katie's wedding, or I would be completely depressed about missing it. You'll have such a wonderful time.

Jeremy and I are singing at one of his friend's weddings that afternoon. It's at Danville, about an hour-and-a-half from here. So that will be special too. I get to sing The Prayer with him again - the one we did at Marcy's wedding.

Doris said...

Mildred, May 14 at Midway Presbyterian in Powder Springs.

Gina, I didn't forget, Sweetie...that will be another post =)