Monday, May 23, 2011

Baseball and Grandchildren

Challenger Baseball.....

Batter up!

Taking a swing at the ball

And she's off to first base....

Good job, Ellen!

Paityn wants a better view!

Ellen's cheering section =)

Paityn acting shy!

Kim and Andrew came too. It did not turn out to be a warm day. In fact it kept getting cooler as the afternoon progressed. Ellen played with her jacket on....she said she was too cold to take it off!

Paityn came with us when we left the game. We needed to stop at Weis to pick up some burgers to grill for dinner. Paitytn chatted the whole way! She thought it took forever to get to the grocery store..."Are we there yet? It's taking a long time...are we there yet??" 

By the time we arrived home, everyone was already here! Kinda cool to come home to a house filled with your kids chatting and laughing =) Hubby got busy firing up the grill and Greta and I prepared veggies and fixings for the burgers.

After dinner, I went to the living room with Zoe where Aidan and Paityn were playing. Zoe zipped from one thing to another all the while chatting in her own language. Love these littles!

Paityn and Aidan look at Clifford books.
My kids loved Clifford too!

Zoe checks out the Piglet movie.
I placed the bench in front of the TV to keep her from pressing buttons which messed up the movie.
 She loves to press buttons!

Gotta check out what Brother and Cuz are up to....

Look at the books on the floor!
Zoe checks out the Piglet movie case...

What ya doing, Paityn?

Can I watch too?


Aidan is really into that book...
but I think he may be thinking about another activity......

Hula Hoop fun!
Zoe is in the middle of that too!

I left to get out the ice-cream.....
while I was gone,
Aidan and Paityn took the cushions off the sofa and chair.....
they were jumping from the chair on to the cushions........
Paityn tried something daring....
she ended up with a bloody nose.......
kids will be kids =/

Today is cloudy again. I have lots of clean-up and laundry to do. No littles today. But Marcy and Scott might come for dinner before they go to church for Young Adults. Paityn and I have a cake making date this evening......can't wait!!

Praying for those who experienced devastating storms yesterday. God be with them!

May your Monday find you living life to the fullest! Blessings!


Anonymous said...

John had a part-time job umpiring little league baseball when we met. Some of the coldest days I can remember were spent at the ballpark! I don't blame Ellen for wearing her coat!
All the littles are cute as can be. Burgers and ice cream sound yummy to me!
Don't work too hard catching up today!

Barb said...

You have been blessd with a wonderful family.....I'm sure you already know that! Those grands are just adorable!

Theresa said...

Oh my dear, you know I love watching ballgames! It looks like Ellen had a great time even though it was a little chilly!

Those littles playing just makes me smile! My floor always looks like that when mine are here too!

Enjoy your day my friend, I am steady praying for the storm victims! BIG HUGS!

Musicaljean said...

I love all the action shots! Looks like a perfect day.