Friday, April 15, 2011

Today's the Day

I have worked hard. I planned, I shopped, I studied, I read, I wrote, I packed......yes, I did. This afternoon I head to this lovely country property for a week-end with my church sisters for relaxation, fellowship and fun!

Creek Haven Retreat near Halifax, PA

It's owned and operated by a sweet couple that we have known for many years. It's a beautiful property with a restored farmhouse that sleeps 21! I am really looking forward to this little get away and spending time with my friends.

You should see all the stuff I'm taking. It's not all for me. I have purchased most of the food, planned some group games, prepared a meditation for Sunday morning, gathered some magazines, books and CD's to share. There is stuff in my family room, in the freezer, the frig in the basement and in my kitchen. I hope I don't forget anything! I have notes to help me remember!

There is lots to be done before I head out....gotta get to it! Hope your week-end is a great one too!


Anonymous said...

What a scenic location for fellowship with friends. Hope you all have a lovely time.

marcy said...

Have a great time and make sure you find time to relax too! I will be spending my weekend finishing up our taxes which I have been procrastinating about finishing.

Barb said...

Have a great time! It sounds like you need some relaxation after all the work you did to prepare for this.

Musicaljean said...

Good grief, you sound like a Witmer, hahahaha!! How would events function without us? Just kidding! Like Marcy said, please take time to relax and have fun!!


I pray, Doris, that the Lord blesses all your had work . . . and there is lots of fun and growth at your retreat. Enjoy every moment.


Theresa said...

I KNOW that you ladies are gonna have a blessed time together! Your hard work will be enjoyed by all and I can't wait to hear all about it:) Missed you my friend, HUGS!

From the Kitchen said...

First congratulations on the new grandchild!! What a joy!

Hope your weekend was wonderful. It looks like a very pleasant spot.