Monday, April 11, 2011

Sun, Warm Temps and a half hour at the Park

Whoo Hoo! It's summer today! Some of you have been having spring for weeks. We have not. On Friday we had a true November kidding. So, please celebrate with me on this summer day =)

No leaves on the trees but the grass is green
and the sky is blue =)

Greta and I took Aidan and Zoe to the park for about a half hour this afternoon. I tried to convince Aidan that it was hot enough for shorts but he was having nothing to do with them!

Aidan says.....
Let's get the fun started!

So much fun!

Greta is getting a work out too!

Aidan loves to drive.

This is one happy Zoe!

Zoe looks sleepy......
Does Nana look like she's lovin' this warm day?

We will do this again....Please, God, give us more days like this!



Doris, did you go straight from snow to summer?


Doris said...

Ha, Glenda! almost....but the warm weather is just for today. It'll be cooler and rainy tomorrow. again. So, celebrate today..... I did =)

Musicaljean said...

Great pictures. Yes, today was another one of those teasers. One of these months we'll have warm weather every day. Trying to hang on....

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures and YES, you look delighted to enjoy the sun with your precious grands! So glad you four had a wonderful day together.

Theresa said...

Sweet day at the park:) We have a new park near our house and go there a lot! I STILL love to swing:) Precious little ones enjoying their day!