Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Busy Day Ahead!

My last two days were child care days. Soooo, today I hopefully can finish getting all my stuff away that I took with me this past week-end. Not much was accomplished with the littles here....Zoe is a baby on the move! And maybe Nana isn't as speedy as she once was either!

I was awakened by fire trucks going by the house this morning. We live near a firehouse so that is nothing unusual. What was different today...the trucks were going up the hill towards the fire house! There was a large fire at a business just outside the little village of Penryn. The trucks going by our house were from neighboring companies who were called to help. Ellen got up early and was all excited from the activity. She talks a mile a minute and runs to the windows to watch them pass. (such activity in the morning before 8 is way. too. much.) I hope she got over it and can concentrate in school.

So now the house is quiet again. I clipped coupons, sorted out the stack of newspapers and put a few more items away from the tote in my family room. There is laundry to fold, and more dirty laundry to wash too. I have a stack of items to iron (for weeks....kept telling myself i will get to it, sigh), dishes to wash (always!) and errands to run.

We are to see warm temps today but not sure we will see the sun. There is a cold front moving through which may bring heavy storms this afternoon.....low 50's tomorrow again. We have only had a handful of warm days so far this spring. The winter seems to have a cold grip on our neck of the woods! I am thankful that we didn't have snow as my niece and her family experienced in Michigan this week!

This is what helps me feel hope that warm and beautiful days will be more frequent....

All these flowers are blooming in the beds in front and side of the house.
I love them!

May a productive and delightful Wednesday be yours!


Theresa said...

Hi there my friend! I am getting things done at my home today too:) Your flowers are so pretty and make me feel all Springy! It is a warm but dreary looking day today, looks like it might rain a tad!

Have a most blessed and productive day on your end too:) HUGS!

Musicaljean said...

We have bright sun and wild wind right now. I love your flowers. Hopefully I'll have some next spring

Anonymous said...

Those colorful blooms would brighten any day! Wishing you and your family a blessed Easter.