Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Why do I smell Lilacs??

Everyone who knows me well, knows my love for lilacs. We have several big bushes on our property. Spring really starts for me when my bushes are in full bloom. That is at least 2 months away. So, why am I smelling them now?

Because.....I had this sweet young girl work for me at the Nursing Home whom from time to time would bless me with a small gift. Gifts like a cup of coffee from a specialty shop she loves, gifts of flowers growing on her parents' farm, notes of appreciation, cards, pictures, lotion. Ahh, the lotion!

I don't remember if it was my birthday or Christmas, or maybe it wasn't even a special occasion at all. But on my desk one day I found a bottle of lotion from sweet Emily. The scent? Lilac, of course! The 'heavy duty' lotion that I usually put on my hands and sometimes my feet (that may be more info than you wanted, hehe) at night is gone.  I decided to use the lilac lotion. I've lathered up my hands and arms. Now the lotion scent is on the sleeves of my bathrobe. I am smelling lilacs! It really smells like the true flower!

I think I may be in heaven  =))

When my lilacs do bloom, I will fill large vases with the flowers which fills the house with their heavenly scent. Just like my childhood memories of my Mom doing the same.


Anonymous said...

Yes, childhood memories of lilacs. A whole row of them bordering our field and the neighbors.

Theresa said...

SWEET Memories! I love scents that remind me of my Parents and home! For me, it is sausage frying in a pan... I can still see my Daddy shuffling around in the kitchen frying a piece of sausage in a tiny iron skillet! I smell it and it takes me back:) My Mama made the most delicious cakes, so the smell of cakes baking reminds me of my Mama!

Ahhhh and the sweet smell of gardenias:) I cut them and keep them in my house while they are blooming! Can't wait to see your lilacs when they bloom!

Have a blessed day my friend, HUGS!

Lorraine said...

I love the scent of lilacs too, but alas my allergies will no longer allow me to have big bouquets in my house. I love your header - daffodils are my favorite spring flower - I think because they are among the first to herald the new season.


I grew up in the "lilac city." I love your new header, Doris.


Musicaljean said...

The smell of lilacs most certainly does take me back to that farmhouse with the huge bouquets sitting around. Such a good memory.