Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A quiet Tuesday, small things, grumpy's

Quiet days, I do like them once in awhile. It was a busy week-end and I kept my two sweeties yesterday so a quiet day seemed just right. I did some clean up and studied the lesson on Spiritual Gifts that I will teach next week at our Women's Ministry. I also read some good blogs.

Ellen has a dance to attend on Friday night with the youth group for kids with disabilities called Aaron's Acres. She didn't want to shop with me last week so I bought her a dress without her trying it on. It is so cute and I was hoping it would fit. She just put it on and it fits just right! It looks great on her. Small things just make my day sometimes!

Yesterday afternoon Aidan fell asleep while watching a movie. Corey let him sleep while he ate dinner then woke Aidan up so he could eat. Aidan doesn't like to be wakened. Therefore he was grumpy. I went to Aidan to try to talk him into coming to the table. He insisted that he has to go back to sleep...I asked why. He said it's dark outside. So we went around that one a few times. I asked him if he was grumpy. He said he was. So I told him that Nana gets grumpy too sometimes! That made him giggle even though he was upset!! I told him to go ask Ellen if Nana gets grumpy sometimes. He got right up! Moral of this story is....A Nana has to do what a Nana has to do. Even if it highlights her not so good times =)

Guess what....it snowed last night. Blahhhhh! After 70 degree weather on Friday which melted all the snow, we now have about 4 inches again and it's so cold outside too (single digits tonight). I know, I live in PA and it's still February. It snows in March around here too..... I really have a hard time looking on the bright side of winter at this point in the season =/ Come soon, spring!

That's it, that's all, folks! Dinner will soon be finished and Hubby just offered to make some coffee. I'll snuggle in a warm blanket and watch The Biggest Loser tonight. It will be alright!


Anonymous said...

What unusual weather!

I love hearing about the little sweeties.

Hope you have a restful evening.

Theresa said...

Well, at least YOU didn't shop for trashcans:) like I did! Your day sounds wonderful, even with little Grumpy! Have a blessed day with the snow on the ground, stay warm! HUGS!


What is your spiritual gift, Doris?


Doris said...

Since you asked....teaching and leadership are two natural gifts that I have. I have been willing to develop them in my life for business purposes but have resisted allowing the Lord to refine them in me as a Spiritual gift. Oh how I resisted! But, I am open to being used for His glory (He made that loud and clear to me!).....and am open to discover what else He has for me. This study will be a blessing for me and I hope will be for the rest of our dear group as well!