Friday, January 7, 2011

From Hair appointment to Dentist appointment

It was a day! First to an appointment I look forward to every 5 weeks then to an appointment I wouldn't make, ever, if it were an option!

Let me start at the beginning....
  • It snowed during the night! Fluffy stuff was all over the car and on the ground. It was really pretty and I wanted to take a picture. I never got to do that =[
  • Ellen had a 2 hr. school delay this morning because of the snow. Now, that means that everything is pushed back 2 hours, that's all. So why does it always seem more rushed??
  • I had to keep my morning moving because of my appointments. I also had to keep Ellen moving so she didn't miss her bus. I wasn't feeling up to rushing. For some reason, even though I slept ok, I felt extremely tired!
  • Ellen made her bus, I cleaned off my car and was on my way. The roads were fine. I also noticed as I headed south towards Lancaster that the amount of snow was decreasing.
  • Just as I arrived to my hair appointment, my phone rang. It was the dentist office wondering if it was possible to come in earlier. Nope, not today! (I was really hoping they were calling to cancel!)
  • First appointment was a lot of fun. It always is! Jess is great and the other gals are too! Only one of them was there today.
  • I was on the way to the next appointment. I wanted to get something to eat so my stomach wouldn't be growling while at the dentist. And I realized that I needed a bathroom really, really bad! Good grief, why didn't I use the restroom at the salon??
  • What to do?? I decided to stop at a grocery store near the dentist office because...I knew where the bathrooms are (!!) and I could get a quick hot dog and drink for a dollar...only, it is now a buck fifty =/ 
  • Ah, to the dentist. Not something I was looking forward to. I always feel so bad for the nice people who work there. It's not their fault I don't like to be there! I was to get the crown on the tooth they had been working on several months ago. In an hour and a half, I was out of there.
  • It's more than an hour since I've been home, 4 hours since they started the procedure and I'm still numb! My lip, tongue, chin and cheek!
The day is not over. But, for now, I am resting! Feet propped up. Comfy blanket. All I need is a snack.....!


Theresa said...

Oh what a busy day you had AND mostly fun:) I DO NOT like the dentist, I love my dentist but hate to go! I hope you get the feeling back in your mouth soon, that is quite annoying! We are expecting bad weather this Sunday afternoon into Monday! I don't mind a little fluffy white, pretty snow... but they are talking freezing rain PERHAPS:( Have blessed evening and get some rest! HUGS!

Musicaljean said...

And as I read this I suddenly want a comfy blanket and a snack! Hope you're all better tomorrow.

Doris said...

Jeanie, I did have a snack! I found some Cheeze-its and finished the box...a dissapointment to Hubby when he saw the box after he got home! What is it about those little crackers????