Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Cleaning, again!

I will not lie. I do not like to clean! Yet for several years while my three oldest kids were little, I cleaned homes for a living!! It was a job I could do while being home before the kids went to school and after. It worked for us.
Now I'm not working and I do not have young children. I'm cleaning....a lot, it seems.... for me.....and my family, of course!

Tonight I host our Women's Ministry. My house is not very dirty but it always needs picked up. And the dust seems to be a constant presence! I've been pushing myself all day to get it done......I'm not in the cleaning mood at all!

 It's almost complete.

The big reward is a nice long shower then fixing up my hair and putting on something nice and comfortable!

 Motivation to finish is great!

Back at it......oh, and have a great day!


Theresa said...

I don't like to clean either unless it is at my Daughter's house, wonder why that is... hmmm? Anyway, I did lots of cleaning before my Christmas guests came for a visit and it felt good! I dusted everywhere and removed ALL clutter! It is just me and Pa with a few grandkids along, so it doesn't get too bad before it gets better! I know you will enjoy your friends visiting with you tonight in your nice fresh smelling home! Have a blessed evening! HUGS!


I love hosting ministry meetings at our house . . . it makes me get the house clean. Enjoy your time with your women.


Rachel Olsen said...

I don't much love to clean either. But I do get in the mood for it once the Christmas decorations come down.

Your blog header is beautiful - ahhh.

Happy New Year!

Doris said...

Oh dear friends in blog land,
I'm soooo happy I'm not alone in the 'not liking to clean' club! I wonder if I will ever learn to like it?? Hmmmm

I do love having my church friends here. They are special ladies. I'm thankful for good weather so they need not worry about traveling on bad roads....often a reality in PA!

Anonymous said...

The older I get, the more stuff I get rid of in an attempt to clean less! Hope you have a nice time tonight.