Tuesday, December 21, 2010

I did it again!

This is what I found on my nightstand this morning.....

Yes, I made my tea last night, sat it on the nightstand, climbed into bed.
I went to sleep
and didn't even take a sip of the tea!

I guess I really was tired! I had worked an 8 hr. shift wrapping gifts (on my feet the entire time. Had a half hour break but that was in addition to the 8 hrs.), then met Greta who brought Ellen to the mall. Ellen had a Doctor appointment in York at 5. After the appointment we headed to the York Mall to do some shopping. We arrived home at 8:30 and  I propped up my tired and swollen feet! 

Today I'm doing laundry and some housework. The grocery store is on my to do 'list'. Aidan and Zoe will be here around 1p.

Christmas is coming. There are some things I wanted to do this year but will be left undone....again. I want my kids and grands to have pleasant memories....not rushed ones. I gave them enough of that in years past when I was working...too much.

Have a wonderful day!


Mildred said...

You make me giggle with your tea stories! I have decided that just the act of making tea is what makes you sleepy!!! ha

Don't overdo and enjoy every little joy this Christmas!

Theresa said...

I thought about you at the Mall today when I saw the Gift Wrapping area! Those people were swarming around the table an THEY had to pay:) Rest and perhaps drink your tea tonight instead of leaving it for Santa's Elves! HUGS!

Doris said...

Mildred, maybe that is it =) I haven't fallen asleep before drinkng the tea very often but now two times in less than a week!!

Theresa, I will try really hard to stay awake till the tea is gone tonight! I must be getting old or something ;)


New years goal for Doris . . . enjoy my tea by actually drinking it. :)

Merry Christmas,