Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Favorite Memories of Christmas 2010

These are a few of my favorite memories....

Gift Wrapping job at Boscov's -
  • Wrapping a diamond solitaire ring for an elderly man to give to his wife. He said she always wanted one and she was getting one!
  • A sweet couple (maybe in their late 60's) bringing their bags to my table. They each had a gift to be wrapped that the other one was not to see. So the wife stepped away from the table while I wrapped a beautiful long white nightgown and robe set. Then he stepped away. I started to fold the sweater she was giving him when he came back to the table! I quickly covered it with the box. He said to his wife "where am I to go"? She told him to go over there and sit down. And she rolled her eyes as if to say, 'MEN'!! I smiled and tied not to laugh !
  • Another sweet older couple came to have their gifts wrapped. She was telling me how thrilled they were to find things for their family at such good prices. She explained, as I was wrapping, that Social Security didn't go up and pensions decreasing (I was only half listening to all that), all the joys of a fixed income. Then she told me how her daughter must have instructed the kids not to ask them for presents this year. They were somewhere and the little girl started telling them what she would like .....the little boy quickly stopped her saying "you're not to ask for anything because Grandpa is fixed"!!!!! I laughed and laughed and chuckled some more. She said she thinks she will put this on her hubby's headstone....He was Fixed!!
Before Christmas Day -
  • Going in the van with Hubby, Ellen and Greta to pick out a Christmas tree....a real one! It was a cold night. We stopped at McD's for a treat before going home!
  • Singing at PV the Sunday before Christmas. Hearing Larry say as soon as he saw me "There's Doris from the Forrest"! He was always rhyming. That was his favorite greeting for me. When he said it after he had not seen me for 7 months, I knew he hadn't forgotten about a warm fuzzy feeling!
  • Harmonizing with Merle and Paul on the worship team at church. Oh Holy Night, Go tell it on the Mountain, Silent Night......singing again at church is a blessing after too many years of too busy for things I love.
  • Watching several Christmas movies on Hallmark and Lifetime (I'm still watching them!)
  • How could I have forgotten to include this one! Christmas Eve, sitting in the car with Hubby and Ellen while watching the most AMAZING light show I have ever seen! It was at a private residence where they had lights on the house and roof and in the lawn and wreaths on the windows and shooting stars that went across the lawn! All this was set to music, fabulous Christmas music. The wreaths would change colors, the lights in the lawn would change shapes and colors ...... We sat there for more than 30 min.....Ellen couldn't get over how awesome it was.
Christmas Day -
  • Watching my girls open their gifts
  • Having Gina and Joe here for the day!!!!!!
  • Hearing our 2 year old Aidan say Grace before our meal =) He thanked Jesus for the food then he said several more sentences...not sure of the words but our Lord knows and I am certain they blessed Him as much as it did us!!
  • Cracking up at first sight of Scott in the Santa snuggie!

  • Pop Pop bringing Zoe to me to say hi as I was busy in the kitchen preparing the meal....she reached out to come to me and snuggled. Ahhh.....
  • Paityn asking if we can open presents NOW?!!
  • Christy shaking, sniffing (!) available gifts before choosing one in the Now you Have it game!

  • The soft welcome of my bed after a wonderful family day.
Memories are a wonderful thing!


Anonymous said...

That is such a cute story about grandpa being fixed! I love hearing all the highlights from your family's gathering and that Santa snuggie is cute as can be! Happy New Year.

Barb said...

I enjoyed your stories and pictures. What a fun family!!


Your list of memories is great. So glad you included the sweet stories from your gift wrapping experiences.It is good to remember, isn't it.


Musicaljean said...

What wonderful memories!

That "Grandpa's fixed" story is too funny!!

Theresa said...

Those comments while wrapping gifts was so much fun! I bet that was a really rewarding thing to do during the Holidays! I love the "Grandpa is fixed" one:) How sweet!

My little ones sang "Go tell it on the Mountain" at our Christmas talent show at Church! Avery was singing so loud:)

I pray you keep adding to this list of favorites! SWEET!

Have a blessed day my friend! HUGS!