Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Day 2010 Pictures

Ellen loves the green sweater from Greta

Ellen gives a gift to Greta

I needed a new crock pot
since I broke the lid to my old one.
I made the baked corn in this for our dinner =)

Ellen tries on her new coat....
she likes it and it fits perfectly!

Dale checks out one of his gifts.

Gina and Joe arrived around 1:30.
They made great time because the traffic was light.

Waiting for the dinner to be served.

Dinner is served!!
The table is as big as it will be...
and we fill it! (and the room!)

Marcy helps herself to baked corn.

Sour cream mashed potatoes....
Zoe is liking them!
Isn't Aidan's expression interesting?!!

I guess that will be it for now. I was so happy to be able to post.....then a picture I wanted to upload from MY file said I didn't have the right to post it!!! I now get the Google cloud- something- or- other (again) which won't let me access my pictures.... because there's an error when I click to open it. Why it comes up as that, I don't frustrating!!!

I'll keep trying......


Theresa said...

I am so happy you got your pictures loaded:) I love seeing all of those sweet faces! Baked corn? Recipe please? I love the picture of Zoe eating the mashed potatoes and Aidan's expression is precious!

Have a blessed day dear Doris! HUGS!

Anonymous said...

Like Theresa, I am happy you were able to post most of the pics. What a blessing to all sit down and share Christmas dinner. Such happy pics and pretty smiles.