Friday, October 29, 2010

I survived...again

Although I would prefer to never walk into a dentist office, I went again yesterday. I got there just in the nick of time. I hurried, I really don't like to be late for appointments. And then I waited. The dentist was having some technical issues with a piece of equipment for the patient before me. I used my time wisely and caught up on my magazine reading =) Why subscribe to them if I can read them at Doctors offices and hair salons?? I may have been reading but I really wanted to leave. I just do not like being in a dentist office.

I was called back, got shot up and he went to work. He finished the root canal and then did more gum surgery. Non of this was a piece of cake for me or him. He said it was to be a simple procedure but it wasn't for me. More than two hours later, I was finally on my way out of that office and on my way to the drug store to pick up pain meds and an antibiotic. I was never so glad to get home.

The first pain med I took soon caused my stomach to be upset. I have trouble with pain meds.....even if I eat with them as directed. I'm now taking a heavy duty far it is not making me sick. But it isn't completely taking care of the pain either. I'm ok.

I plan to take it easy today. I'm actually still in my bathrobe!

I go again on Friday morning for a quick check. He said we won't finish with the crown for about 2 months. Said I've been through enough! I AGREE!! (I do still like my dentist, by the way)

Have a great day!


Theresa said...

Glad you made it thru the root canal! I know first hand that it isn't pleasant! I hope that you will do just fine! I can't take strong medicines either! Especially codeine! It makes me sick as a buzzard! Rest easy and feel better soon! HUGS!

Musicaljean said...

That just sounds horrible. I really hope your pain will soon be gone. And I'm glad you don't have to go for a while again.