Friday, October 22, 2010

A Different Kind Of Day

I sat all day. But I was working!

 I sat on my reclining sofa with my netbook computer on my lap, surrounded by books and papers. I only got up to answer the phone (could have used a cordless!), to use the 'little room' and to get a bite to eat. I am working on, and all but finished, a presentation on Dementia which I will give on Monday.  I need 40 to 45 min. of material. I'm sure I have more than that =) And I certainly have only scratched the surface of this vast subject.

I'm excited. I'm nervous. I'm counting on my passion for this subject to overtake the nervousness. It usually does. I hope those who attend will leave with a new or renewed understanding about -  The Person with Dementia; Stories of Compassion, Dignity and Hope.


Mildred said...

Hi Doris, My mother passed away two years ago with dementia. She lived with us the last ten years of her life. She went down very fast the last six months of her life. I know those fortunate enough to hear you speak will be greatly impacted by you passion. May God bless.

Theresa said...

I wish I were close enough to sit in on this! I have this in my family! I know you will do great and all who attend will leave knowing more and understanding dementia a little better!

Big hugs and wishes for a wonderful weekend!

Musicaljean said...

Your passion will definitely overcome your nerves, and you will do great. I wish I could hear you too. I'm so eager to have you at my house.