Thursday, September 2, 2010

Pictures, Pictures!

Today Christy gave me her camera so I could post pictures of Paityn's 3rd birthday party. Yes, I finally have evidence....there was a party and a good time was had by all =)

The party was held at Scott's parents house. They have a huge open family room next to the kitchen which is perfect for large families, which the Fahnestock part is! Paityn was blessed to have 5 Great-Grandparents attend and a Great-Aunt, 4 Grandparents, lots of Aunts and Uncles and 3 cousins.

First of all we had a fabulous meal of grilled chicken and hot dogs, baked beans, pasta, mac and potato salads, veggies and dip, fresh fruit, homegrown tomatoes and several kinds of chips....and I almost forgot about the wonderful salsa and guacamole that Scott's brother Micheal made. Oh.My.Word. It was soooo good!

Kim, Andrew and I are waiting for the next big event!

Princess Paityn and her cousin Aidan say,
Let's get this party started!!

Paityn opens a gift to find a small tea set....what fun!
Nanny (Scott's Grandma) and Aidan watch.

Nonny (Scott's Mom) helps with the ribbon.

Paityn discovers that a very cute bear is in this gift.
It has her name, Paityn Lily, on it's dress!

Great-Grandma Fahnestock (Dale's Mother) and Aidan watch Paityn open another gift

Kim got Aidan a gift that proved to be quite popular with Paityn too!
She didn't want Aidan to feel left out.

Paityn really wants to play with that toy!
In this picture...
Great-Aunt Nancy (Dale's sister),
Great-Grandma Witmer (my Step-Mother),
Great-Grandma Fahnestock

There is a video of Paityn and her cake. It was taking too long for it to upload. I gave up trying to post it. Sorry! Paityn was very afraid of the lit candles on her cake. A surprise to all of us! No one seems to know what may have caused that fear. Was it the huge candle on Andrew's cake at the beach? She didn't react to it then....the mystery remains.

Enjoy some random pictures taken at the party...

Zoe is a Princess too!

What you looking at, Aidan?

Still fascinated with that toy!
In the background...
Great-Grandpa Smith (Scott's Grandpa)
Great-Aunt Nancy
Great-Grandma Witmer

Behind Grandma and Zoe is the big bouncy toy that Corey and Christy brought for the kids.
It was a hit at Aidan's birthday and Scott and Marcy thought it would be wonderful for Paityn's too.
 Several Grandchildren of a neighbor came over for the fun after Scott's Mom invited them.
What kid doesn't like to bounce?!!


Kimberly said...

thanks for stopping by tonight! wow what a wonderful BIG family you have. Looks like a great party!

Musicaljean said...

Wonderful pictures! It's amazing how many grandparents Paityn has living close enough to come to her party! Lucky girl!