Monday, September 13, 2010

Monday' longer get me down

I'm ok with Monday's. Especially when I get to take care of my Buddy and Little Sweetie.

 Aidan is getting over a cold. He sounds a little stuffy when he talks. He has recently started to ask why about everything. Give him a logical answer and he will reply with.... OK! So sweet!

 Zoe's new thing is eating. She loves it! If I am feeding her and need to walk away for a second, she can really let me know that she's not pleased. Today she ate a good amount of peas and  half a banana.

Zoe playing on the floor....
and tolerating Nana's picture taking!

I'm not one who plans ahead of time when it comes to dinner. At least not most of the time. I usually start thinking about it at 3 o'clock. Sad, I know! That doesn't mean dinner is a disaster though. Today I looked through a cookbook then went to my computer to look on the Internet. I ended up clicking on a blog friend, Debbi Does Dinner...Healthy & Low Calorie. I have tried several of her recipes, loved them! Tonight I made Turkey Taco Burgers. They were spicy and oh so yummy!

Another update on the hubby and his bum leg. He had a Dr. appointment this morning. The redness and the lump has not changed since Friday. Even with adding a second antibiotic. The swelling of his leg has gone down. Tomorrow afternoon he is going to a General Surgeon. Not sure why. He said the Doc didn't really say why. Maybe to open the lump to drain it?? Yikes! He is to be on light duty....not much of that in the construction world. He did work a little bit this afternoon. He is also putting a warm compress on his leg. And  is trying to elevate it as much as possible. Pray that this will soon be resolved!

Guess where I go really early tomorrow morning? Somewhere that declares I cannot have my Morning brew before I go =(  Blood work time. I hate needles. I will never get used to them. But most of all, I hate having to start my day without my 2 mugs of strong coffee.   It will be a rough morning but I will make it. Since I've had blood work done the last time, I've been eating healthier and lost more than 10 lbs. I hope the results reflect my lifestyle changes.....

It's been a full but delightful day. I am tired. It's time to grab a cup of  mint green tea and head to bed!


Musicaljean said...

Those taco turkey burgers sound good. I gotta look up that recipe. I made Spicy Chicken Rice soup for our supper today. It's one of our favorites.

Theresa said...

Oh my goodness, that Zoe is too precious! I sure hope Aiden feels better and that the doctor helps the Hubby get all well!

Grab a thermos and take some coffee with you. As soon as they draw the blood, get 'cha some coffee:)

Have a blessed day! HUGS!