Friday, September 17, 2010

Friday at Home

I'm glad it's Friday. I had been looking forward to this day. We had planned to go to  the beach this week-end with Corey and Christy. It was one of those invitations that we really wanted to accept but were having a terrible time deciding when to go.... should we take Ellen or not.... should Hubby take off early on Friday or just leave when we could in the evening.....should I just go with Corey and Christy and Hubby stay home with Ellen (he suggested that one, I didn't want to go without him at all!).  I'm happy we didn't spend a lot of time trying to figure it all out! Life happened this week and we will spend it at home. Ellen is happy...she did NOT want to miss the first home HS football game tonight and she did NOT want to miss cheering on Saturday morning!

Hubby is doing really good. He doesn't have a lot of pain. He's getting a bit stir crazy, thinks he may take Ellen to that football game tonight. I guess I'm ok with that. He sees the Doc again on Tuesday. Maybe will be ok to return to work after that??

Got the results from my blood work already. It's not awful but I do have some work to do for improvement....more weight to lose, exercise regularly again. Gotta get that fitness room put together. And I should have left those Double Stuff Oreo's in the store. I bought them for the Hubs, of course I did! (good grief, I'm hopeless)

Hubby hung some pictures for me this week - pre surgery! I had them in my office when I was working, got them for about $3 or $4 each in the Thrift Shop. Actually the lamp was in my office too, that came from Kirkland's. The table runner came from my sister Mary Ellen (thanks soooo much!), the apples came from that Thrift Shop and the green candle holder was free at the thrift shop.

I like the simplicity.

Have a great week-end....I know we will!


Theresa said...

Love the pictures and lamp, the runner is gorgeous from your Sister! Life dictates what we do and DON'T do sometimes! Our decisions are made for us and going with the flow is what we do!

Enjoy your weekend and I am going to enjoy mine too!


Musicaljean said...

That looks beautiful!

I'll be having my first whole Saturday at home since we moved in on August 2nd! And I will be having my first visitors - Anthony, Lori, and Austin are coming for supper in the evening.

But while I have been waiting to finally have a day like this, I feel pulled too. Ray and Thyda are in Lancaster County for the weekend and we will not get to see them. Frank has a football game tomorrow evening, and I can't help but think that if we still had our house down there and it were Dick's weekend off work, we'd probably have a weekend with "the boys" at our house. I don't know how to make that happen anymore and it makes me sad.

fahnmamma said...

Jeanie, I know you want to be with your boys. I feel sad too...but How exciting to have guests! Enjoy!

I was thinking that I should have offered that table runner from Mary Ellen to you. Would it work in your kitchen or dining room? If you want it, you may have it. I hadn't used a table runner since I put the table against the wall....but I did like it....but don't have to use it =)

Debbi Does Dinner Healthy said...

Love the lamp! Love the double stuffed too! My hubs just bought some. Evil little buggers.


Sounds like you had a restful weekend. Thanks for stopping by my blog.