Saturday, September 4, 2010

Challenger Cheering

Just got back from the Challenger Football game where Ellen takes part in cheering. It was a smaller crowd today. I suspect that a holiday week-end had something to do with that.

As I sat on the sidelines and observed, I was suddenly filled with emotion. Each of the kids involved faces some kind of challenge each and every day.  Yet there was a lot of joy on their faces. They were there to have a great time. Some want to experience being a part of something just like other kids. Many don't even know they aren't like 'other kids'. They live and enjoy life just they way they are. That's cool!

I also looked at the loved ones, mostly parents, who are required to be there in the gym with the participating child. I wondered what their story is. I'm sure many of them have already faced many anxious moments with their kids. Have they faced times when their child was taken into surgery and they were left at the door crying their eyes out just like we have many times? How did they handle the news that their child would not be a typical kid? Were they exhausted from the care they give day in and day out? Do they ever wonder why?

I wiped a tear and said a prayer. I ask the Lord to bless each caregiver and each special child involved in this program. I ask the Lord to bless UDS (United Disability Service) and those who are sponsoring this great program. I ask the Lord to bless the girl leading the cheering program (I don't remember her name), the four Cheerleaders, and their parents, from Donegal HS who are graciously helping our special girls to cheer. Do they know that being able to cheer is a dream fullfilled for our Ellen?

Yes, raising a child with a disability, whether mental or physical, is not without heartache or worry and a host of emotion. But one thing for sure, each child was placed in our care, in this world, at this time, for a special reason. I don't profess to understand. Not even close. I still ask why, but not as often as I used to.

Well, there you have it.....a post from my heart. This was not the direction I intended but is where it went. I guess I will end with a plea to all .....say a prayer for those families you know who are raising a special needs child. It's is a privilege to love and raise our kids but it certainly isn't a piece of cake =)

God Bless!


Theresa said...

Bless you my friend! I am happy that your sweet Ellen got to do something that was a dream of hers! It is so exciting for her and for you too! I am saying a prayer for you, Ellen and all of the other children!

Big hugs!

Debbi Does Dinner Healthy said...

It is challenging to raise all children but even more so, one with a disablity. I applaude you and those who do.

Musicaljean said...

I love your heart.

Barb said...

Very well spoken Doris. You and Dale are so patient and gracious in the spite of all the challenges you face. God bless you!!