Wednesday, August 4, 2010

It's Wednesday night and .....

The house is cleaned. Wow! That feels good....I had a motivating event which could be the only reason this is a check off the 'list'! Our church ladies needed a home in which to meet. There are a lot of families on vacation this week and no one had signed up to host. I hosted last month and thought maybe I wouldn't this month since we are preparing for our vacation. But it really worked out perfectly. House is cleaned, now all I have to do is....

food prep
keeping the little ones
bill paying
cancel newspaper delivery for next week - already did that!
call the post office to hold the mail for next week - already did that too!

I'm quite certain there is more on that 'to do list' but the brain isn't thinking clearly tonight.

 I hope you will enjoy these pictures from the past......

Ellen was not happy about something!
(Gina, Dale, Ellen and Greta)

Now that's better!

Love it!
(Greta and Ellen)

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