Saturday, August 28, 2010

Happy Birthday, Paityn!

Paityn is 3 yrs. old today. What a delightful child. She is a gift to her parents, Marcy (our second child) and Scott, and to all of us....we love her so much!! I will never forget the day she was born. We knew Marcy was having a girl but they kept her name a secret. Drove me crazy but was fun at the same time! Enjoy the pictures of our little princess, Paityn Lily Smith.

Paityn is ok with this arrangement, not so sure about Conner!

Love the hair!

Paityn's second birthday


Oh well, she's still cute!

The Smith family

Oh, Nana!

Doesn't she make your heart melt?


Anonymous said...

Love all the pictures and the post. Can't believe she is 3 already. Paityn loved looking at all the pictures of herself. She kept wanting me to keep scrolling down to see more. Marcy

Barb said...

She certainly is a blessing. What a doll!!

Musicaljean said...

Precious!! How was the party today?