Saturday, August 21, 2010


Grandchildren are awesome. I have 5 of them. Two are teenagers and three are little ones. The little ones stayed with me several times this week. Aidan and Zoe come here 2 days a week while their Mommy works. That was Tuesday and Thursday. It was really nice to also spend one-to-one time with Paityn  this week. Her Mommy joined her Daddy on a business trip. Paityn stayed overnight (her first time to be away without her parents) at the Smith grandparents. I picked her up on Wednesday before noon. We went to the mall for awhile. I wanted to look for clothing for Ellen at Kohl's. I didn't have a stroller for Paityn but knew  Kohl's has some stroller shopping carts and thought I would just use one of them. BUT, on our way in Paityn spotted the neat car strollers that you pay to use at the mall. It had a steering wheel and cup holders....really neat in Paityn's eyes. So, being the push over Nana that I can be, I put in the $5 to get one of these outrageously cute Taxi cars =) Paityn wasn't crazy about being buckled but Nana stood her ground and said it was a Nana rule! It actually worked out quite nicely since I needed to go to Boscov's a-a-l-l-l-l the way to the other end of the mall to deliver a forgotten packed lunch to Greta. (Greta works at Boscov's) Ellen, Paityn and I took time to eat some lunch in the food court. It was soon time to return the stroller and head for home. Paityn was up very early that morning and needed a nap. She played for awhile then I offered to read to her. She said no she wanted to read. She picked out several books, took them to the living room and 'read' them. She did let me read to her, a Noah's Ark book. I got to the 3rd page and her head went down....already sleeping! I kept reading to be sure she was in a sound sleep and I could lay her down. She slept 2 hours. She was a little grumpy when she woke but soon got over it. We went outside for a bit to swing and slide even though it was a little drizzly outdoors. Then it was dinnertime. She was hungry and ate very good. It was then back to the Smith's again.

We had a really good time. I took some pics at the mall with my phone and will post them later. Several times Paityn asked if Aidan was coming. Our family is usually here for lunch each Sunday so it seemed strange to Paityn that Aidan wasn't here. She also had a hard time, so it seemed, about where PopPop was. I told her he was at work. It dawned on me that her Daddy, Poppy, Nonny and uncle Josh all work from home. No wonder she had a hard time figuring out where PopPop was!

Tonight we have Aidan and Zoe so their parents can celebrate their 4th wedding anniversary. It was actually on Thursday but Christy had to work, of course. They thought they were going to go out last evening but Corey ended up working late.

Grandchildren are awesome. We did (and are still doing...we have Ellen) our parenting and now it's time to enjoy the fruit of our labor!




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