Monday, July 26, 2010

Witmer Family Retreat

What a fun time we had! Being with my sibs is one of my favorite things. And having my kids (except for Gina, Joe and Manny) and grandchildren (except Laurencia) there was a bonus to boot. We did a lot of eating, talking and laughing. We missed my Dad but didn't dwell on it. We honored his memory throughout the weekend through conversation and during our Sunday morning worship service. What a man of God, my Dad.

Enjoy the pictures............

On the sofa- Grandma Mary, Christy (Rose's daughter) and Christy (my DIL). Behind the sofa is my sister Betty from New Hampshire.

My sister Mary Ellen playing a group game which included Merida (daughter of Betty)

My son Corey checks up on what is happenin' in the world and my brother Dick watches what is happenin' around him!

My sister Rose (from Georgia) helps herself to some awesome white chicken chili (made by my DIL Christy) and Betty decides whether to have a regular spicy burger or a really spicy burger!

My really tall grandson Andrew decides what to put on his salad while his Mom Kim  adds to her salad. Doesn't the bowl of fruit look yummy? Kim put that together =)

Daughter Ellen enjoys a soda while Olivia (daughter of Rose) watches. Olivia enjoyed being with Ellen this week-end.

The meeting of the great minds?!! SIL Scott, Scott (husband of Betty), Bob (husband of Rose), Matthew (son of Rose)

Comparing IPhones....... Dick (husband of my sister Jean), Lynn (boyfriend of daughter Greta), Greta

OK, Maribeth (daughter of Rose), there really is not a reason to hide that beautiful face!!

Watching a video taken last summer. It began with Barb, Jeanie and I were trying to sing a song without laughing all the way through it. We did eventually get it accomplished =) Also on it was the family singing with our Dad....precious beyond words.   In this brother Dick, sister Barb (from Idaho) and Isaiah (son of Betty)

Here we are, the Witmer family!
Front row: Mary Ellen, Mary (Step Mother), me, Barb
Second row - Jeanie, Rose, Dick, Betty
Missing are my Dad and sister Janet who live in Heaven

Dick and his grandson Austin

Betty and her family

Jeanie and her family including granddaughter Destiny, DIL Lori and Grandson Austin

Rose and her family - Christy, Katie, Maribeth, Rose, Bob, Olivia, Julia and Matt

My bunch that was there
Christy holding Aidan, Corey holding Zoe, Dale, Me, Scott, Marcy holding Paityn, Lynn, Greta, Ellen, Andrew and Kim

Watching it rain

Later on Sunday evening the girls met at Twin Kiss for some ice cream and then came to my home to relax on the deck. Here is Betty and my SIL Nancy.

Mary Ellen, Barb and Rose. We  were so sorry that Jeanie could not join us. They found a problem at their Lititz house that needed attention plus a drive to Reading to return Destiny to her Mom. She was surely missed! (Notice the strange shapes on the house from the sun shining through the trees!)

After it started to get dark, the bugs make it unpleasant to be outdoors. We came indoors so they could look around our house which was the Witmer Family Homestead many years ago. They enjoyed that.....lots of good memories are in this place.

Another Witmer Retreat is history. Precious times.

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Barb said...

Thanks, Doris for hosting us on Sunday evening. It was wonderful but disapointing not to have Jeanie there too. Your deck is lovely and the house brings back many memories.