Friday, July 9, 2010

It's been a week!

Here's what happened this week...

  • Went to church
  • Had a picnic after church
  • I made a crock-pot full of Company Mac and Cheese and oatmeal choc. chip cookies
  • Sue Good planned some really fun games for the very young to the not so young, if they wanted to participate
  • I took pictures with my phone but I wasn't successful getting them on my computer =(
  • Went to Long's Park for the concert and fireworks display
  • Took the usual food stuff including the big sandwiches I have made for this occasion since 1998...I think that was the year. I got the recipe in the Taste of Home magazine
  • It was a very hot day! Using umbrellas helped us from melting....

  • We enjoyed the concert and then the star of the show....the cannons!!
                   This picture was taken before the concert....we got to experience it twice =)
  • The fireworks were loud and crazy - that's the norm for this it!!
  • We took our stuff to the car and waited till we could move towards the exit.....11p! That's the norm for this event =)
  • We took Mary Ellen home to her house in East Pete then to Dale's Mom and sister's house to pick up Ellen. Ellen hates the cannons and has not gone with us for a very long time...we keep trying!
  • A Holiday!
  • We sorta took it easy
  • We treated ourselves to dinner at Lititz Family Cupboard. We don't eat out much since I became a SAHM. This was a treat!
  • I cleaned the tile floor in the downstairs bathroom
  • Worked on the Study for Women's Group that I needed to lead the next evening
  • Greta was home and used the washer and dryer all day. Meaning, I couldn't do laundry!
  • I made a really good pasta and chicken dish. It had lots of veggies in the sauce including carrots and a sweet potato
  • A cleaning the extreme heat....yes, extreme heat even though our house has air conditioners! They were not keeping up with the intense heat and humidity. It was close to if not more than 100 degrees that day.
  • After I finished cleaning the downstairs, I got cleaned up and ordered dinner from Two Cousin's...cost less than $20. It was so worth it!
  • The ladies arrived around 7p......we had a wonderful time chatting then studying the subject of friendship. This was the 3rd lesson in this series
  • Shirley Groff brought the ingredients for root beer floats....what an awesome treat on such a hot, hot day! I love my lady friends from church!! I am blessed. Those who couldn't make it were surely missed.
  • The house was clean....what to do?!!
  • I read some on-line magazines
  • I did some laundry
  • I made Parmesan chicken and gourmet potatoes for Dale and Ellen because...
  • I went out to Longhorn with some of my former co-workers! I had been looking forward to this for so long. We spent about 2 hours eating and talking. It was sooooo good to be with my friends. I miss them. But once again, I am certain that I did the right thing. Distance from the intense stress is a good thing for me........without a doubt
  • I got home around 9p. Ellen told me she saw a SKUNK on our deck......a WHAT??? Dale said he saw it walk through our yard and up the farm lane. Oh-my-word!
  • More laundry to be done
  • House is still pretty clean.....I'm liking that!
  • Ellen and I went to Kohl's and TJ Maxx in Lebanon
  • What I thought I wanted was not on sale so I used my $10 certificate on a skort for Ellen.
  • We also went to Darrenkamps to fill our water jugs. Penn Township had a water ban so I can't fill them at Weis. I got some groceries too.
  • I treated Ellen to a McFlurry for helping me. They have gotten smaller...just like the fruit and yogurt has! I got a sugar free vanilla iced coffee....ahhh that was a treat! (we ended up with several treats this week!)
  • The UPS truck just dropped off the pair of sneakers that we had been waiting for. That's a story for another post....
Well that brings us to Saturday which is yet to come. I want to make baked ziti for Sunday lunch, we will go to Mary Ellen's house to see Eric (sister Barb's son from Idaho) and his girl friend who is from PA. We will keep Aidan and Zoe in the evening so Corey and Christy can go out to eat. Sunday will include church in the AM and family here for the rest of the day. I suppose that will be. It usually is!

Wow, what a in the world did I include a very full-time job in the mix for all those years?!!


Musicaljean said...

The cleaning and the cooking and the hosting probably didn't happen as much when you worked. I'm so happy you're having this wonderful chance to enjoy living.

Rose said...

It all sounds wonderful! It's such a blessing to have your kids and families close by. I loved the pictures, too =)