Tuesday, June 29, 2010

New glasses and sneakers

Ellen got her glasses today. She really likes them.

(pardon the messy hair)

Now to the new sneakers......
As some of you know, Ellen's feet are two different sizes.
Last week we went to the Sketcher outlet to get her a new pair of sneakers because her old pair was ripping on the sides.
Her left foot is an 8 and the right a 6 1/2.
 (it's really a 6 but because of the shape of her foot she needs it to be a bit larger)
I went through the rows of sneakers to find some to try that had a pair in those sizes.
She tried several different ones but they all just weren't quite right.
I realized that what she needed was a shoe that tied up closer to her ankle. Ah, we found just the one she needed...
in a size 8 but not a 6 1/2. The kind sales gal went to the stock room to look for that size. No, they didn't have it =(
But, the manager said they could order it from another store
and mail it to us with free shipping. I never did that before
but we needed the shoes.
We ordered them, I got a copy of the paper work
and we were on our way.
They arrived yesterday. Wonderful!
Later that evening I looked in the box and thought...
that's not the shoe we ordered!
(Does this look like a problem to you?)
The one that was shipped is on your right
I checked the box with the wrong shoes and sure enough it was 1 number off. I called the store, they were very sorry.
So today we made another trip to the outlets to return them.
The correct pair should be on its way.

The crazy thing is, Greta, Ellen and I were shopping at the outlets yesterday too. Greta had the day off and needed some clothes for work. Three times in a week, unheard of!

And another crazy thing. The manager at the Sketcher store that I talked to on the phone yesterday was working today. She said she went to school with a Fahnestock and wondered if I have a son. I said yes, and she said Corey? Yep, she went to Doe Run and Middle School. I don't know if she graduated form MC or not. She said he was always so fun! Of course I had to let her know that he is now married and a Daddy to two little ones. She was happy to hear that but said something about making her feel old!

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Barb said...

That definitely wouldn't work. At least they were kind enough to correct it. Hope she likes the shoes after all that.