Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Another day as a stay at home Mom

Sounds boring, I know. But it isn't. I'm new at this. Being home and blogging! I have 15 years of things to do that have been waiting.

I worked out with the Wii this morning. It certainly isn't a workout like I would get at a gym. That's ok with me. I also went to the mall. Ellen has the IU Prom on Friday evening. She needed a bracelet and a hairband to complete her outfit. I also needed to exchange the car charger for my phone. They gave me the wrong one 2 weeks ago. I haven't needed it yet but is nice to have. My new phone keeps a charge for more than a day or two! I also stopped at a discount grocery store to see what bargains I might find.

I won't have a lick of trouble keeping busy. I'll keep grandchildren Aidan and Zoe tomorrow afternoon and Friday help my sister Mary Ellen prepare her new house for moving and getting things ready for a yard sale.

Life is good!

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