Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Beauty....the trees.....a plate.....our baby!

Our back yard was so pretty this morning. Had to grab the phone and snap a few pics....

I was hoping to have time to sit and enjoy the view today but it didn't happen. 

I never take pictures of my food but on Sunday I did. We ate at a little Family restaurant near our home. We had never been there before. The food was good and looked so pretty on Fiesta (I didn't turn it over to see if was that brand or not) plates! I loved the plates. 

How pretty!

Look at our baby Carson! He is growing and keeps getting cuter by the day. I love those little tufts of hair that won't stay down at the top of his head. 

I am soooo in love with this little guy :)

Tomorrow Ellen and I are taking a bus trip with her school to visit a 2 year vocational school for special needs kids in Johnstown PA. We don't know if Ellen will be interested in going there, but we are checking it out. We leave early in the morning... That's the hardest part for me!!

Good night!  zzzzzzzzz

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

This and That

Last week was the Manheim Farm Show. We got there twice... Monday and Thursday. It's hard for me to find food that will not cause me pain later. Bummer, for sure! I ate fries and a bowl of chili on Thursday.  I didn't have a NY style sub sandwich. Sigh. I usually treated myself to 2 of those on this week .

We were delighted to see this sweetie at the Farm Show :)


We didn't go to the parade on Wednesday because Ellen had a special event that night. It was a hard choice for her to make because she loves a parade too. I'm certain we haven't missed the parade in more than 40 years.

 UDS Challenger Football and Cheering Awards Banquet, always a great time for our special kids!

Ellen with her friends.

More friends!

We do a selfie :)

Cylo was there! 

I wanted Ellen to dance with him but she said she was way too hungry and needed food first! He is always so fun!!

We had an awesome catered meal then it was awards time.

Ellen gets a hug from Deb, the Donegal HS cheering coach who volunteers her time along with some of her girls to teach our special kids. We APPRECIATE it so much. 

Deb and Ellen
Another wonderful cheering season comes to a close. 

Last week I shopped at Michael's. My friend Tammy works there and I was thrilled to see her working that day. I tried to hurry do the choosing of what I came for (hard task indeed with so many choices!) so she wouldn't leave before I was finished. She told me she worked later than usual that day to cover for someone who couldn't get there on time..... How nice for me that it was that particular day. Tammy, here's what I did with my purchases....

This is not where I was planning to use these leaves but I liked them here best :) in fact, none of my purchases ended up where I thought they would!

Not the greatest shot... I think it looks much better that it looks here! 

I'll close with a few more pics from Sunday. These were taken by several of my sisters. 

Precious family of three :) 

There we are... The bunch that gathered here on Sunday!

Give me a baby and I am a very content gal....Carson, I cannot get enough of you! He is so sweet and growing SO fast!!

Everyone is back to work or school today.  Zoe and I are hanging out at home. It's a good day!