Friday, May 22, 2015

An old chair and a birdcage

When my parents bought the house we moved from last year (yes, I lived in that house as a child, too), the attic contained a few treasures. Most if it was furniture, like old beds, which we sold at an auction company before we moved. (Yes, some of the stuff was still in our attic.) I remember a neat metal top table and some chairs. I have one chair. Many years ago the table went to my sister, Janet, who refinished it. I'm not sure where the table is today. Here's the chair we kept. 

Hubby used the best of the two chairs to create one good chair. It is a neat old chair!

One of the treasures was an old birdcage. We never had a bird so it sat in the attic since 1963!  And, it made the move to this house. 

Today I cleaned it up. I had help :)

I hope to display something in it. Zoe wishes we were getting a bird! 

Another piece of furniture made the move. It's a neat piece that needs to be refinished. We hope to bring out the beauty and put it to use.....sometday. For now, it's in the storage area of our basement....too surrounded by things to get a good picture. 

Old shutters also made the move. Hubby wants to make a headboard out of those. But first, I would like to get a new King size mattress set. Someday. 

It's a Holiday weekend. (a work weekend)
 Happy Memorial Day!

Wednesday, May 20, 2015


Never had them before living at this house. So thrilled they were here.....what a beautiful sight!

This is what I see from the inside....

This is what is outside those windows....

And look, there's more :)

This neighborhood is very pretty, especially during April and May. 

Of course I must post more baby pics ....

Big Sister loves her baby brother!

Noah looks so much like his big brother!

Yup, having the time of my life :)

God Bless your day!