Monday, August 18, 2014

What's Happening?

I have not been a good blogger this summer. It's not that I don't have anything to write about. There is always something going on around here...always!! Today I decided to highlight a few happenings at the Fahnestock house. I'm making dinner too, so this will be an up and down process!

  • Look at these cute Sketcher's shoes I found at the Vanity Fair Outlet! Love them. They have memory foam soles. SO comfortable!

  • Last week I had a group of friends, 4 ladies that I had worked with, over for dinner. We ate on my porch. It was a delightful evening...even though the weather wasn't ideal. Love these ladies!! I'm so bummed that I forgot to take pictures.
  • I posted pictures of this door on Facebook but not on my blog. This is the door to our bedroom.
The door came from the barn at our old home.
No kidding!
Hubs cut it down to fit. 
We will paint it a pop color...
Not sure what that will be yet.

Hubs knew there was a track and rollers at the farm he grew up on. 
He asked his brother if he could have it
and here it is....
holding our bedroom door in place.
How cool is that??

The door handle came from the farm too.

This is the back of the door. I'm not painting this side.
It's staying rustic.

Hubby brought some old shutters from the old house, too.
He wants to make a headboard out of them.
Love it!!

  • Ever since we moved (if you are a new reader, we moved with our son and his family to a larger home in May of this year) Aidan and Zoe have been asking for a sleep over in our area. That would be all the way down to our basement living room from their second story bedroom =) We did it and they thought it was so much fun!
A tent, of course (!), blankets, books, water cups...
all set for the night!

Oh, I forgot the special animals!
They are ready for a sleepover.

And, they want to do it again!

  • Most Sunday afternoons and evenings, our kids gather here or at our daughter Marcy's home. Yesterday, some of them gathered here. The kids always have a good time. 
Paityn used play makeup to make cat faces on Brinley and Zoe =)
It's hard to see on these photos.
She was proud of her work.

Brinley proudly shows the cat =)

  • What kid doesn't love to walk in big shoes??

This morning Zoe found Gina's boots 
and said they fit her perfectly!

  • Dinner is ready and I need to attend to hungry family. Dinner on the porch....that's where we almost always eat. We had lunch out there today, too. I told Aidan it's my favorite place in this whole house. He said, Mine too!

  • Our Grandbaby boy will be born soon. We are SO excited!! I'll broadcast the news as soon as we hear the word. This is #7 for us ♥

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

The Beach Called......

Yes, the Beach called my name. I happily said, YES!!

Family day trip to Towers Beach south of Rehoboth in Delaware
 Sunday, August 10. 2014

Ahhhh, my favorite place!!

It didn't take long to start digging!!

The Byers family from our church joined us ♥
Sweet kids!

Little Isaiah  =)

Ellen likes staying at the edge.
Grandson Andrew is in red, his girlfriend is to his left,
his Aunt Crista to his right wearing that cute hat,
and his cousin, Elisha, in the white top.
It was so fun to have them join us!

The Byers' family has the neatest dome thing...
I want to look for one before we go next year!

Scott said he wasn't ready for that pic, sooo....

I took it again =)

Sweet Isaiah has a great idea!

Love the colorful buckets
and the sweet, sandy kids ♥

Zoe said it's a muffin...
and proud of it, she is!

We always stop at Grotto's Pizza 
in Dewy Beach on our way home.

It was this handsome young man's 19th birthday!
Our Grandson, Andrew ♥

This girl is a Pop Pop girl  =)

This, my friends, is my pizza.
Gluten free =)

It was a fun day. Going to the beach is wonderful. Going with family and friends makes it even more wonderful. 


Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Play Date

Brinley and Paityn came to play with Aidan and Zoe this morning. They had so much fun!

Zoe counted and Brinley 'hid' in the blanket...
they thought that was hilarious!

Brinley plays with the marble roller.
She wore the butterfly wings the whole time she was here.

So sweet!!

Love these kids ♥

Lunch on the porch before they went home again.
I will never tire hearing their laughter!
Good Times.

Friday, August 1, 2014

Silly Bakers, Haircuts, and a Consignment Store

On Thursday my silly little helpers baked a wonderful chocolate cake.....

They had fun!

This morning I took Marcy, Paityn and Brinley to get haircuts. Jess, our hairstylist, had son Nolan there too. Nolan is a cousin and neighbor to Paityn and Brinley. 

Jess started with Marcy then it was Brinley's turn. But Nolan heard his mommy say he needs a haircut too and wanted to get on the chair before his cousin =) 

Mommy hard at work while the girls watch.

Looking good Nolan!

It's Brinley's turn!

Jess was going to use the same cape as she used for Nolan....
Brinley requested the one with the cars!

Almost finished!

Paityn's turn! Would you believe I forgot to take a picture of her getting a trim?? She had her hair washed too. Such a big girl! Here she is after the cut.

Pretty girl
and so grown up!!

That was a fun morning. Later in the afternoon Ellen and I stopped at a furniture consignment store, Stock Swap, which is so close to our new home. I enjoyed looking at all their items for sale. I was surprised at all the glass dishes they displayed. Lots and lots of beautiful stemware too. 

Ellen starts cheering tomorrow....her favorite activity! She does not mind at all that her Saturday mornings will be filled until mid October. I'm not thrilled but at least it's not so far to go since we moved....that makes me smile ☺

Bless you this Friday!

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Some Old Stuff

Since the old house has been cleaned out and the new family has moved in (settlement won't happen till later in August), busy has taken a bit of a break around here. Don't get me wrong, we haven't stopped being busy, just the crazy part!!

When we were cleaning out the barn, my hubby thought my brother may want some things that were my Dad's. My parents bought that property when I was 9 or 10. 
We still had some things that belonged to them. 

Do these pictures remind you of a popular TV show??

Looks like American Pickers =)
My brother did want this stuff.

I also took pictures and sent them to my large family to ask if anyone wanted any of this stuff.

My sister Jeanie said the strawberry boxes 
were a bad memory.
She didn't like picking strawberries.
When we lived on the farm,
Mom had a huge patch of strawberries. 
She sold them to help fund our family needs.

These are so neat and so dirty.
There were 3.
I kept one to plant flowers in (next year)
but I didn't need the other two.
The large one was our baby bath tub!
One is going to my niece in Hawaii!
The other one is staying with my brother and his wife.

This old calendar was in....

...this old tin can.
My brother wanted it.
The calendar was from the year he was born.
Mom had recorded on it 
when she paid a bill and 
how much it was.
So interesting.
So neat whenever I see the handwriting of my mom or dad!

One of my sisters asked if there was money hidden in that old can.
I replied that I didn't dig into it
but I doubted there was any to be found!
We grew up in a home of abundant love
not abundant in money or material things.
If I had to choose an abundance of anything,
I would choose love!

These three things are going to the new owners of our home. 
They will purchase them but I don't know how much any are worth.

It feels so good to have our old home empty of our stuff. We brought enough old stuff with us to keep the feel of the our old home with us ♥ Hopefully Hubs will soon be able to work on the barn door that is to be our bedroom door. Love it! And, he also brought some old shutters along to make a headboard for our bed. See, the old house lives on here at the new house. I like that. A lot!