Monday, September 15, 2014

It's a Cool Monday

The heat and humidity has gone. Today it feels like Fall.

Soooo, I went to the storage room, found a box and a bin and got to work....if you can call it work ☺

A pumpkin on a table is a good thing, 
especially when sitting here having a cup of 
pumpkin spice coffee.
YES, indeed!

This wreath is so old.
I should spruce it up a bit...

This says Fall, don't you think?

Blessings to you this fine Monday!

Thursday, September 11, 2014

This Baseball game was a Hit! (in more ways than one)

Last evening we attended a Lancaster Barnstormers game...the only game we will attend this season. It was a special night for cheerleaders. UDS Cheering, Ellen's group, was honored at the game. Enjoy some pictures of this wonderful evening.

It was a beautiful evening!

Elizabeth and her mom go meet the rest our of girls in the stands.
All the teams did a parade around the field before the game.

There they go!!
Our special girls ♥

Everyone got to do a cheer...
our girls did two cheers!
The group that helps our girls came too.

This fellow always makes the game fun!
He danced and wiggled as the girls did their cheers.

Ellen and her helper get some instruction......

She goes out on the field

She threw a First Pitch!!
I didn't get a picture of her throwing,
she got out there and threw it right away!
Guess she wanted to get it over with =)

Heading off the field to join the team for the National Anthem.

Our Flag and the 
National Anthem
gives me chills every time!

Back to the stands
with the ball!!
Some of the Barnstormer's players are coming to the Challenger Football game on Saturday.
Ellen hopes to get her baseball signed.

Look who came to the game...
Carson ♥
First time for Aunt Nancy to see him.
Aunt Kimmy loves holding a baby!

Yes, we watched some ball =)

There were several of these by our favorite team!
They won ☺

Ellen's friend Nicole and her mom share some ice cream.
Elizabeth and her mom enjoying the look of it!

Cylo came to visit us.....

Ellen loves him!

Cylo loves Carson!

I continue to hold Carson and snap pictures.....

What happened next could have been a lot worse.

I heard a 
'Watch Out"
or something of the sort.
Turned slightly...
a ball hit the top of my shoulder.

It hit ME
and NOT Carson!!

The ball hit the roof above us and dropped down right where I was standing.

The Angels were watching out for us, for sure.
It didn't hit me on the head.
It didn't hit Carson at all.

I have a sore spot that hurts if it's touched
and I feel it with arm movement.

It could have been so much worse.

Thank you, Lancaster Barnstormers for giving an evening to honor our special girls! Our Girl has a night she will remember forever. Carson has a baseball with a story to be told when he is older.