Friday, February 27, 2015

March is on it's way, yeah!

Not much going on here in cold PA. We continue to get little snows and freezing temps....32 would feel amazing!! It's 18 right now. The sun is shining and that alone is a mood lifter for me.

I'm even more excited to see March come than I was to see January end. It has been a very cold February! 

Last week I noticed this beautiful sight. I'm usually busy with meal prep and miss the sunset. It's not in perfect view of any window in this house. And, not at all in view when leaves are on the trees. 

Here's Zoe on her birthday this week. I surprised her with a little cake. She thought we weren't having cake because we had cupcakes at her party on Sunday. 

I stopped at Darrenkamp's for a few groceries and wandered by the bakery :)  This little cake with purple icing had Zoe written all over it. The bakery staff had  gone home for the day so I couldn't get her name actually written on it :)  She didn't mind. Love this sweet pea!

Blessings for your day. Stay warm! I'm trying to as well (it's a struggle at best....)!

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Let's Celebrate Zoe!

Sunday -
We celebrated a special little girl who will be  5 this week - Zoe!

Fun times ahead!

First, we eat pizza and salad and chips =)
The kitchen truly is the heart of the home!

The kids gather around Zoe as she opens her gifts.

Zoe loves clothes =)

Whew, this is hard work!!

Time for cake!!
5 Candles.
Singing, Happy Birthday to You, Dear Zoe!
Dig In!!

Brinley says, It's mm-mm good ♥

What a fun day! A BIG thank you to all who came to celebrate sweet Zoe!!