Sunday, April 26, 2015

A Birthday Party and a Baseball Game

Saturday, April 25

Ellen and I attended a Birthday Party for Ellen's friend Elizabeth.  We had SO much fun. I just love these girls and their moms! 

We ate tacos. (I was so busy chatting with the moms that I forgot to take pictures!) then the girls did Wii bowling, a favorite of Elizabeth's. After that they danced. :)

So much fun !!

Time for cake!!

This girl is happy to be 21 :)

Happy Birthday to you! 

Time for gifts....

Nicole lends a helping hand. 

E is thrilled with her gift from Emily. 

Her mom reads the card. 

She looks at the bracelet....

...from Ellen! (And a gift card too, E likes to shop!)

A Vera Bradley purse from Sarenah. Oh, and flowers too :) How sweet. 

Another gift card from Bri. Have fun shopping, Elizabeth!!

A blue purse....something is causing some giggles!

PB cups!! Along with the blue purse from Marissa. All the girls love PB cups!

Showing one of two journals from....


There's always time for silly!

Have I said it yet?  I LOVE these girls!!

Elizabeth had a gift for her friends....

Outside for a campfire and S'mores!

We had SO much fun! Thank you, Elizabeth and your family, for inviting us. 

Sunday, April 26

Challenger Baseball has begun! 

Ellen connects the bat with the ball. 

At first base. 

Running to home plate. Go Ellen! 

Every kid gets to bat in an inning. Today they played two innings. This is a fantastic sport for kids who face challenges every day of their lives. 

It was a beautiful day for baseball. A bit cool but sunny with blue skies. 

Thursday, April 23, 2015

What's happening today....

What's happening today? Let's start with what will NOT be happening today....

Sitting here
No porch sitting today. 

That's how cold it is, taken at 10:40a. 
It's also breezy. Brrrr. 

This was how cold it was at 7 this morning. 
That's cold for the end of April. Actually, I think we've had enough days of mid 60's to 70's to think it should always be so :). At least we didn't have snow here as other areas in PA had. 

So, what's happening today? 
Exciting stuff like: 
Doing laundry. 
Sweeping floors. 
A HAIRCUT!! Yeah! Time to tame this mop. 

Hope your day includes some exciting events as well. Some things we have to do are mundane at best. And they never are finished....oh well, I will bloom where I am planted. I will be intentional about finding JOY in all things! 

God Bless your day!