Thursday, July 2, 2015

Go, Ellen!

Recently Ellen started 1 to 1 exercise sessions at Fitness4Focus. She usually goes on Tuesday but it needed to be changed this week due to not suiting the trainer. 

She does a routine of exercises in the gym and, when the weather allows, she and the trainer go for a run/walk through the neighborhood. Today they found a park designed for a workout! The trainer sent me these pictures of Ellen working hard. 

Go, Ellen!

She loves it!

We are so thankful for this organization who helps our special kids to be physically fit. Fitness4Focus is not free but well worth the money we spend for it.  

Go, Ellen!

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Baseball Picnic

Sunday afternoon was to be the last Challenger Baseball game. It rained a lot the day before which caused the fields to be unsuitable for games. Ellen's team already had a picnic and pool party planned after the game.....that was still on with an earlier start time due to the canceled game. It was too cool for Ellen to get into the water. She never took off her sweater! 

I took so few pictures at the picnic. Here's a few when the coach was handing out the awards....

Ellen with her friends...
Taylor, Emily, and Elizabeth. 

Coach T is announcing the next award...Ellen is really listening. I think she knows who he's talking about.

Yes, he was talking about her! she is cracking up....I'll show you her award soon. 

Coach T congratulates her....he's standing on the diving board :)

Ellen shows off her award. 

Yes, this is it! Each year she meets her goal to hit the coach with the ball! Don't worry, she doesn't have the strength to hit it hard :) she and Coach T have the cutest relationship....she acts like she doesn't like baseball and isn't happy to see him. He goes out of his way to say hello and strike up a conversation any time we see him....that's more than at games since his daughter, Elizabeth, is a good friend of Ellen's :)  Love it!

Coach T ALWAYS acts like he's finished giving out awards just before he gets to Elizabeth. The kids, including E, love it. He gives E a big hug :)

Emily got the Most Determined award....very well deserved. She started the season with a foot injury. She came even when she couldn't play. 

Taylor got the Sweetest Player award. Yes she is!!

It was player, Cordell's, birthday and his Mom brought a cake. 
Cordell blows out the candles! 

It was a fun time. Thank you, Terry and Mike, for having us. Can't believe the season is over!